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Good and Bad

Oooooh let's see.

Monday was a pretty normal day, I think. I got something nice in the mail, a handmade coffee scoop from my hometown, made by a former classmate. It's bigger than I expected but that's great because I like my coffee strong! Haha. His shop is called That Old Thing, and he makes a lot more than just coffee scoops!

On Tuesday I got to leave work early for a performance at Epcot with Encore! We had three shows at 5:30, 6:45, and 8pm. All of them went very well. The group was much larger this time, with a 40-member orchestra and 100-voice choir! Wow! Here is a video of a whole show:

Some photos from the event. We had a lot of fun. I enjoy playing with this group.

(photo courtesy Daniel L)

(photo courtesy Encore)

(photos courtesy Mike Thomas Imagery)

And I really enjoy getting to play a gig with my Jameson! Our styles of music are so different, I figured after the circus ended we'd just go our separate ways musically. It's great that so soon afterward we were able to enjoy being on stage together again <3 Cam (cello) took this picture of us as we were preparing for the first concert. Isn't Jameson handsome!!

After the final show we packed up and stuck around to see the Epcot fireworks show. It was awesome.

Wednesday was Valentine's Day! Jameson and I like to get each other giant piles of candy :) But in addition, Jameson made us a delicious salmon dinner, and got us dark chocolate gelato for dessert! We enjoyed our food and watched Food Network, and the Valentine's episodes of The Office. What a wonderful way to end the evening.

Thursday, nothing special, I had work and then a band rehearsal in the evening. During that rehearsal I couldn't help but think about this woman, who was shot in the back on Monday night after playing trombone with a community group. This could just as easily be me on any given day. It makes me sad to think that she will be forgotten. That her killer may never be found. This, as much as the Valentine's Day shooting, made me think long and seriously about what I need to be doing besides ranting on facebook or throwing money and hashtags at other people to handle my personal responsibility in all of this. And yes, I do think each of us has a personal responsibility to act.

You don't need to comment or respond to the above statement. You really don't. I'm thinking out loud. If you want to think out loud too, you can write on your own pages. Your opinion is valid; you don't need to shout over mine to be heard.

Anyway. On Friday I had kind of a rough day at work. For some reason I was really struggling with the concept of 150% Pell and disbursing it correctly. I didn't get much done, I was cranky, and I was very happy to get home Friday night and just take some time for myself. I did laundry and got groceries, watched tv and rested.

On Saturday I had some more errands to run and chores to do while Jameson was holding the final casting call for his rock musical, Torment. I got ingredients for a recipe, cleaned the house top to bottom, practiced, and wrote letters to congressmen/governors/organizations. I responded to a few animal activists who had felt the need to attack me (my response at this point is always to say "Your cause has nothing to do with me. I do not work with animals. If you truly care about animals you'll take the time to speak with animal specialists to learn what's involved in their care." Etc. etc.) Just another day.

I wanted to make dinner for Jameson and I, using leftovers from the lovely salmon dinner he'd made for us on Valentine's Day. In the Dude Diet recipe book, I found a simple summer spaghetti recipe that called for lots of things we had on hand. The only things missing were the fancy stuff: fresh basil, ricotta salata, and pancetta. I scooted over to Whole Foods to get them. On the way out the door I noticed the new Amazon order lockers. I have to say, I love the direction groceries stores are going in lately.

Back home, I got to work on dinner. The pancetta went in the pan first, where it sizzled beautifully for about seven minutes.

A post shared by Megan O'Malley (@sageyoku) on

Then the vegetables went in along with some seasonings, and the spaghetti went in to boil at the same time.

A post shared by Megan O'Malley (@sageyoku) on

When the spaghetti was done, I threw it into the pan and finished everything with the basil and some balsamic vinegar. Garnished it with the fancy cheese. It turned out great!

I am not a very good cook. But Jameson is patient and kind. Even when I make a mistake that means the food is not as tasty, he encourages me to keep trying (and eats it anyway!) It makes me want to try again. Since this went so well, I will look forward to making it again in the future :)

On Sunday I spent the day relaxing and preparing for the work week, and then at night I had a rehearsal with the Brass Band of Central Florida. We have a concert on Thursday.