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Blah week

Monday was just a normal day. Back to work! I cleaned up all of the birthday decorations except for two of the balloons. Something for me to play with.

Jameson has Hunchback rehearsals all week, and it's a very difficult book, so he's coming home tired yet wired every night. I remember what that felt like with the circus...you're exhausted from pouring two hours of your full effort into a show, but your mind is racing from the adrenaline. And then you're supposed to go to sleep. Good times.

Tuesday, I had Encore rehearsal after work. It's a much larger group this time. Last time we had four brass musicians; this time there are nine, plus a huge string section, the woodwinds, and the electronic stuff.

Rehearsal was "ok". In some ways I appreciate the smaller group a little more because it's easier to agree on stuff and easier to play in tune. Last time I felt like our group of musicians was really tight. This time...less so. Still, I'm glad to be a part of the next performance, which will be at Epcot again next week.

Wednesday, work and the gym. Thursday, work and then rehearsal with the Orlando Concert Band. They're doing a sort of Hispanic-themed concert in April, so the music is nice and brass heavy with a lot of interesting meters and rhythms.

Friday, my department got bombarded with reports. After probably the 10th email we all threw up our hands a little bit and just took a mental break to chat with each other. Which is nice, because my cubicle is in a place where I can't see anyone except my supervisor, so it has been hard to get to know my coworkers. After work I got groceries, came home, did some chores and watched tv until Jameson got home.

Saturday, I was supposed to play duets with a local friend but ended up declining in order to work on other things. It was a really slow day and nothing much happened. I went thrifting in the late afternoon and found a few shirts. Back at home I was greeted by a package from LaRena, a former Ringling clown and current clown with Kinoshita Circus. She's been battling cancer (and has been victorious!) and part of the way she's paying for chemo is to raise funds through her handmade crafts (here is her Insta-shop.) Here is the bag that she made for me.

I'm just happy to contribute in a small way to her recovery. The bag is beautifully made, and turns out it's the perfect size for sheet music!! Thank you LaRena :)

Sunday was another day of nothing much. Jameson and I both had a little work to do, and I had to get my clothes and food ready for the work week. Other than that we just enjoyed relaxing. On Tuesday we'll have the concert at Epcot with Encore. Next Sunday I'll start rehearsals with the Brass Band of Central Florida for another concert out in Titusville. That's about all the excitement for this week.

Some weeks are more interesting than others.
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