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A Blur

This was another week where there was a lot to do, and I didn't keep track of it all.

Jameson had rehearsals and gigs, and I had rehearsals for an Orlando Concert Band concert at the end of the week. We were both very busy, and I didn't get home until late most nights. In addition to playing in the concert band, I have also been elected Operations Coordinator. I was very nervous about the concert because of the setup inside the host church. I've never done this sort of thing before, and wasn't sure if I had the right idea.
Seating chart that I ended up making (99% based on last year's seating chart in this same church):

Seating as it turned out in reality (thanks to one very hardworking harpist who showed up early and did everything by himself):

Seating was tight and uncomfortable, but I've been told it always is for this venue, and there just isn't a whole lot to be done about it. So I was heartened when we had our dress rehearsal, and no drastic seating changes were required.

At work this week, I continued doing my best and trying not to spend the entire day frustrated. Everyone keeps saying there will be a point when I will understand the job, but I worry I'll never get it.

One of my monitors died early in the week, and it turned out to be a problem that required my entire computer be replaced. Here is the IT guy hooking me up.

Here is what my desk looks like. I'm right next to a wall so had to take two pictures to get it all.

On Saturday morning Jameson and I went to IHOP for some much-needed pancakes. That was pretty much the event of the day...we just went home and crashed. That evening was the Orlando Concert Band performance. I was surprised at how many people showed up...an estimate of 1200 people! Crazy.

The band performed well, especially the soloists. There was a reception afterward, but I was tired, and didn't want to stick around this time.

On Sunday I enjoyed the first do-nothing day in a while. Jameson played Assassin's Creed. I wrote on Quora and watched Game of Thrones, and got groceries for the week. Have you tried chocolate peanut butter Cheerios? They are AMAZING.

Around 4pm Jameson had rehearsal. While he was gone I wrote this post and got clothes and food ready for the work week. When he came back, we watched the remake of It together.

This week will be a little less busy for me, and I'm very grateful for that. I will need time to practice, because next weekend Jameson and I are performing together...at Disney! It's just a one-time contract gig, but I am still excited!