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Visit Home

On Monday, the morning after New Year's, Jameson and I wanted pancakes.

We drove all around town, literally for an hour. Every single breakfast place had a line out the door. Finally (around NOON for Pete's sake) we gave up, went to the grocery, got pancake mix and some blueberries and bacon, and went home and started cooking. We wolfed our breakfasts and felt a lot better :) Didn't do much else that day that I recall except relax.

On Tuesday I got up at 4am and drove to the airport, and flew home to PA to visit my family. One of my layovers was very long, so I had brought along Cozmo to play with!

My sister Kate picked me up from the airport, and on the way we got caught up and talked about all the things going on in everyone's lives. At home I hung out with my parents, and we ate a delicious home-cooked meal together while we waited for my sister Kayle's work day to end in California. When she was ready she FaceTimed us, and we opened Christmas presents together!

I received many wonderful gifts, including a book of memories from Raven and an adorable kitten-in-a-box bank from Jonah! My parents spoiled me as usual with gift cards (they kept apologizing for the "lame" gift but personally gift cards are my FAVORITE!). Kayle and Skylar got snorkeling gear for some of their upcoming trips, and Kate and Pat received inflatable kayaks for adventures on some of the local waterways. And each of us got a stocking packed with candy!

Roux seemed to think that the best present of all was the Christmas tree...

I was really happy that I got to spend "Christmas" with my family. It was wonderful :)

On Wednesday Mom wanted to take Kate and I out for our "birthdays". Kate's birthday was late December and mine is in February, so we're splitting the difference I guess! We went to the mall and got mani/pedis, then went shopping to get me some much-needed work clothes! I found a bunch of nice tops. For dinner we enjoyed Thai from a local restaurant.

On Thursday Mom and I had lunch with an elderly neighbor named Jeanie. We went to a new restaurant in town called Jax's, and it was pretty good! They have a lot of bison meat on their menu for some reason, but no one's complaining! I got the bison chili and it was delicious.

On Friday I had lunch with my friend Shannon, then Mom and I took down the Christmas decorations and put up some "winter" decorations instead. When Dad got home we had spaghetti and meat sauce, and watched a movie about a Marine and her bomb-sniffing dog. This was my last night at home. This post doesn't really describe all of what we did every day, and that's because I was busy doing it :) I was happy and grateful to have this time with my family.

On Saturday I got up early for one final breakfast with Mom, Dad, and Kate. Then they drove me to the airport and I hugged everyone goodbye. The trip back to Florida was short and easy, everything went smoothly. At home there was so much to do to prepare for the work week! I got the car washed and picked up groceries, then came home and cleaned and unpacked and did laundry. After that I had time to relax, watching Game of Thrones until Jameson came home from his gig. He was still pretty energized when he got back, so we stayed up late catching up with each other.

Today (Sunday) I spent the morning working on spreadsheets for a local contemporary ensemble, and paying bills, and following up on any additional computer work that I've put off this week. My new work inbox has 20+ emails in it, most of which I have no idea what they're for, and I'm trying not to be anxious about that. I'm sure all will be addressed tomorrow at work. In the afternoon Jameson had a rehearsal, so I cooked food for the week, cleaned some more, ran various errands, and practiced. I have an audition for Disney tomorrow...nothing special, just trying to get on the call list. Since moving to Florida I haven't been able to practice as much as I'd like, so I'm not sure how this will go. I'll just do my best.


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Jan. 9th, 2018 02:37 am (UTC)
Happy New Year!
Jan. 13th, 2018 03:24 am (UTC)
To you as well!!
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