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Houston Week 3

We're leaving Houston! Yaaay!

...or, we were supposed to leave Houston about two hours ago. Train ain't moving. Off to a late start!

That's ok, gives me more time to write :)

I didn't end up exploring Houston nearly as much as other cities. This was mainly due to weather; it rained constantly for the first week and surprise T-storms would appear after that. As a person who walks almost everywhere, this made it very difficult to plan my day :P It's only fair to note that Houston has fantastic public transportation, and there was a lightrail right next to our venue. Unfortunately I didn't take advantage of this soon enough!

Still, I had an enjoyable time here doing other things! I got twelve people to come to our shows: my friend Chloe and her friend; a group of 4 of my grandparents' friends, and a family of 4 who 'rescued' me and my groceries during an unexpected downpour :D Everyone had fun at the shows, and I was glad to meet new people and share the experience with them.

Because I'm both a member of the band and a girl, I am fortunate to be able to choose which dressing room to use: the band's, or the 'production women's'. This time around I was with the band (there was more space), and this gave me a chance to get to know my coworkers a little better :)

Best of all, I got a picture with Asia, our star elephant! (see profile pic)

Houston was a great opportunity to enjoy the company of my peers. Bohemian Circus Bus (nothing's happening in the video, just enjoy the audio!)

...and my personal favorite: Oogielove!! (follow link)

Well finally! Train just started moving at noon, that's 3 hours late :P