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"Vacation" Over

On Monday Jameson and I both got up early. He's got a busy week ahead, full for work and gigs. I know it's a lot of work for him, but I've got to admit, I'm a little jealous. And angry at myself for not being capable of accomplishing similar. But, you know, maybe with time. In any case I'll get to see my boyfriend rock :)

I spent Monday trying to get my life together. Printing forms, switching my car insurance over, picking up sheets for the new bed and general supplies for the house, making calls, practicing, doing laundry, cleaning...just as much as I could get done. I was hoping to get a Florida driver's license and registration this week, but the insurance needs to come first. Jameson got home late from rehearsal, and we went straight to bed.

Tuesday after Jameson went to work, it was time for me to start working on the beds.

First I tore down Jameson's old bed.

There was an awful lot of dust under there, so I vacuumed it several times over.

I moved the old frame, mattress and box spring out to the living room, then started assembling the new bed frame.

It came together pretty easily. When I was done I dragged the old bed frame out to the dumpster (it wouldn't fit in my car or I'd have taken it to a thrift store) and swept the stairs so that the moving guys might have an easier time of it. Jameson has some low-hanging art on the walls in the hallway so I moved that. I cleared the nightstands and any other stuff that might be in the way. Then I took a shower, had lunch, and waited.

Around 4pm I decided to cook some chicken...and of course that's when the moving guys showed up. The mattress was huge! When I finished cooking I rolled around on it for a bit. Nice!

Then I put the sheets on, vacuumed, rearranged the nightstands. When Jameson got home we ate chicken, talked about our day, and had our first night in a very comfy bed! Sadly neither of us slept that great, probably because we weren't used to it yet!

On Wednesday I filled out paperwork for my job with Full Sail, which starts on Monday. Maybe because I haven't been working this whole month, I've been feeling very stressed and inadequate as a person. I'm not used to going long periods without working. By the same token, I know that once I start working, I won't have time for anything but working. It feels like a catch 22. I ended up griping to Jameson, and I think this stressed both of us out. He listened and tried to calm me down. I'm lucky to have such a sweet caring man in my life. He doesn't deserve my crap. But I suppose we all have our moments.

Most of Wednesday was spent at the DMV, where I was able to get a Florida driver's license, registration, plates and title. All in under two hours. Pretty awesome actually.

On Thursday Jameson had a gig in the afternoon, and I had a doctor's appointment and a rehearsal at night. Neither of us got home until close to 11pm.

On Friday we drove out to Sarasota, where Jameson had two gigs with the band American Martian, made up of members of the defunct Mulch, Sweat & Shears Disney band. They were playing at a golf course recently purchased by a big fan of their band. I was amazed at the generosity of the owner, who provided the band with hotel rooms, food, drinks, and even some awesome souvenirs from his golf course! I met everyone in the band and hung out with another "groupie", Nicole, who's with the frontman. We had a great time listening to the band play. And we were surprised when the dance floor started hopping! We weren't expecting that level of energy from golf club folks!

It was a great show and everyone had a great time. It ended up being kind of a long night, because the owner made the performance into a charity event. He promised to donate $100 to a cancer foundation for every person who stayed for an encore performance! Quite a few people stayed and the band played for an additional half hour. It was pretty awesome!

On Saturday we woke late and joined the rest of the band for lunch at Cracker Barrel. Everyone told stories about their time with the Mulch band. I loved hearing about the crazy things that would happen and the people they'd worked with. After that we were feeling pretty tired (there was a huge wedding party staying at our hotel = noisy) so we went back to chill. I worked on repopulating my iphone contact list since my phone had decided to "help" me by deleting half of them. Jameson watched a movie. Around six my Mom called and we had a good talk.

Soon it was time to head back to the golf course for the second gig. It was much more crowded this time, so Nicole and I found seats near the back. We were treated to a delicious chicken dinner and a bunch of complements from people who knew we were with the band. Once again everyone had a great time! There was less dancing, so for the second set we were able to get a lot closer. I got this fun video of some hilarious Christmas antics :)

After the gig, the owner took the time to compliment the band and give each member a souvenir gift. Then we stayed an additional hour to pack everything up before heading back to the hotel. I could tell that Jameson had a lot of fun playing here. Hopefully the band will get to come back soon!

The next morning we woke a bit early to head back. We got home around noon, unloaded Jameson's gear, got groceries, and had lunch. I spent my afternoon working on spreadsheets for the chamber orchestra start-up that I'm helping. At some point Jameson ordered pizza for us to enjoy together :) After dinner I ironed some clothes in preparation for my first day of work on Monday! I'm a little bit nervous, but I'm sure it'll go fine. The first two days are just orientation, and after that I think we get several weeks of training. I'm excited to see what working for Full Sail University will be like.