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The Houston Museum of Natural Science. If you ever are in Houston, GO TO THIS MUSEUM. They've installed a new Hall of Paleontology, and it's brilliant. Everything is set up so you can walk around it and see it from every angle. Whoever did the lighting is a genius.

Running T-rex.

The bird from 'Up!' lol



In addition to dinosaur skeletons, there were of course shellfish fossils, primitive mammals, and conceptual sculptures of early man.
My next-favorite displays were the gemstones. They had both natural rough formations and carved gems on display. The carved gems were done by Harold Van Pelt.

Natural gold formation: "Golden Dragon"

A natural rough opal, bigger than my head!

This quartz crystal skull contains izoklakeite, a rare mineral.

Agate spoons.

I also got to see the 'Warriors, Tombs & Temples' exhibit, which featured terracotta statues from China and other relics such as reliquary boxes, dishware, and temple doors. This display included a timeline of China's political/religious structures in relation to the objects on display.


Silver reliquary box.

One of the best things I witnessed while in the museum was a demonstration given in the chemistry section. Kids were actually SITTING STILL and LISTENING to the elderly chemist, who turned glue into a rubber ball using vinegar and turned Raspberry Zinger tea blue with ammonia.

It was a miracle I tell ya. Lol

There were many other exhibits. I spent around 4 hours exploring all three floors of the museum. Had a great time :)