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Monday and Tuesday were spent preparing for Thanksgiving. Jameson and I are spending time with his family in Atlanta for the holiday, so for us, prepping means taking care of any workweek business and packing. Another project that we've got going is getting a bed. On Tuesday I spent much of the day driving around looking for a good deal on a frame and mattress. When I found a good deal, I'd let Jameson know. Then after work, we went together to look at them. We found one that we liked, and had it scheduled for delivery. Yay!

On Wednesday we finished packing and went to the airport. We expected to be fighting the huge Thanksgiving rush, but we were surprisingly lucky. Traffic wasn't bad, security took ten minutes or less, and our flight was on time. We didn't even have to check our luggage. Awesome! We got to Atlanta a little before midnight and checked into the hotel that Jameson's dad had graciously booked for us.

Thursday was Turkey Day! It struck me for the first time that this is the first year that Ringling wasn't in the parade. Kind of sad, but I doubt anyone noticed. Big Apple Circus got to participate, so that's awesome.

We drove over to Jameson's brother Kevin's house. Meal prep was already underway, and the Boyces had put out light snacks for lunch. I snacked and helped to prepare some food by chopping potatoes and such. As it got closer to dinner time, more and more people began showing up. There were like five dogs running around getting underfoot, and eventually we just had to put them out on the back porch until the meal was ready. Then we said grace, and dug in!

My favorite things that Mrs. Boyce prepares are the butternut squash stuffing, and the cranberry slaw. Both turkeys were also delicious (a lemon herb turkey by Mrs. Boyce and a smoked turkey by Kevin). After our wonderful meal we all went down by the fire pit and roasted s'mores! I was too full for a s'more so just had a crispy marshmallow :) Then it was back up to the house for pumpkin pie cake! Everything was delicious and it was fun to meet the Boyce family. Thank you all for welcoming me!

Friday was pretty relaxed. Jameson and I had lunch at The Fickle Pickle (we've been there before in a past life). I got a salmon salad, trying to keep it light because I knew we'd be having leftovers for dinner!

After a little shopping we went back to Kevin's house to relax before dinner. We heated the leftovers and ate together. Then it was time to say goodbye and head back to the hotel, because tomorrow would be a travel day for everyone.

We got up slightly early, got to the airport and got through security all right. Since Jameson and I booked our flights separately, we ended up on different flights with mine leaving an hour later than his. After we kissed goodbye I went to my gate, only to have it changed twice more. And then the flight was delayed. Still, it was a good flight and I got to Florida by 5pm. Traffic wasn't totally terrible so we got home in good time and dropped off our luggage. Then we went our separate ways to run errands. Jameson went to get a haircut while I went to a meeting with an administrator for a local start-up orchestra. I'd like to help them organize a bit and be a part of what they're doing. After this meeting I'm excited to see what we can do when we work together!

And finally, on Sunday, we chilled. Jameson has a busy week coming up...rehearsals and gigs just about every day, in addition to work and his online teaching. I have to get things ready for our new bed, register my car in Florida, go to a doctor's appointment, and practice of course!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.