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The Moving Train Part 1

This is so cool!
We're traveling through a lot of farmland right now in northern Virginia.
Surprisingly (and thankfully), I am not getting motion sickness yet.

This morning we moved a few yards to hitch the animal cars behind the engine. During that time, Jason (sax, my neighbor) came over and made breakfast for us :)
About an hour after that, the train began to move!
I went out onto the vestibule, an area between traincars where you can get some air, smoke if you're a smoker, and watch the scenery go by. I have seen many awesome things already, but wasn't quick enough with the camera to get good pictures.
We went over a bridge, and because you couldn't see the bridge it felt like flying :)
In one spot we were in the woods and the trees had lilac all over them...it smelled fantastic!
We passed several ponds covered in lily pads.
One thing I have already noticed in the more rural areas is private family burial plots. They are in small clearings in the woods bordering plots of farmland. I think they would only be visible if you were working the farm, in the woods, or riding a train. Of those I've seen today, they mostly have handmade headstones made of cement blocks, large rocks, or wood in the shape of a cross. One plot had a large wooden cross with the gravestones around it. They're beautiful.
I think I will be able to put my fish in a proper tank. The train jerks, but not enough to spill his water. As long as I don't fill it to the top (and as long as we don't wreck!) he'll be ok.
Tonight there is steak in the pie car for $6...I'm gonna go get some and be social!
I also met one of the train teachers; she brought me some pumpkin bread as a housewarming gift! She's been here 4 months and loves it.