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But You Can't Stay Here

Monday was a slow day at work. I spent most of it making progress on my teacher "contact database", just to take a break from inventory. I'm gathering all of the available contact info for local teachers, adding it piece by piece into our database and also a printable/shareable Excel spreadsheet, and then transferring everything to Gmail so it's accessible to everyone in the company. Should be useful to someone.

After work I went home and cooked, something I usually do on weekends but didn't have time for this past busy weekend. I made fish in the oven while listening to Jameson teach his online class.

Tuesday, Kristy and I called some repairs that had been hanging around our store for longer than the norm. Then a young man that Matt has recently hired showed up to "job shadow" Kristy and Eric as they repaired various things. I wondered if it made them nervous to have someone watching their every move, but they certainly handled the scrutiny like it was no big deal. Meanwhile I spent most of the day kind of working for others...Kevin (brass repair) called in from the factory and had me process a payment, then Ralph (Rent My Instrument) called a few times to have me prepare a flute for shipping and look for some other awol instruments, then Joel called to follow up on some customer emails, and then of course there were customers coming into the store to work with. We've already sold out of all the Yamaha trumpet primers, so I had to order more, and then we found out that mallet percussion needed to use the flute primer, not the percussion one...

Although I didn't feel like I "did" much, it did seem like a pretty busy day. After work I stuck around to practice, but wrapped it up early as I was feeling tired.

Wednesday was a little odd because Kristy wasn't around (family emergency). Matt, Eric, and Dirk were there, but then Matt and Dirk left for a meeting and Eric and I were left to our own devices. I listed several trombones that Matt had brought in. It's nice to be listing instruments again, I much prefer it to rentals. After work I stayed late again to practice, and found out that the XO 1236RL-O trombone is actually pretty decent. Like, decent enough to make me consider buying it. We'll see.

Thursday was pretty slow business-wise. Matt and Eric were there all day. The guys mostly worked on repairs, and I continued listing instruments and processing payments and such. It was an exciting day because we got a new company vehicle! A big deal as the old one is kind of a beater, and there are just so many schools to service. Now we can cover twice the ground. Awesome.

After work, practice again. I'm on a roll. It's so nice to be able to stay at the store and practice, it saves me having to get up at the crack of dawn. I've only been doing it for about an hour at a time this week but would like to have two, one with the large bore and one with the small. Today I spent more time with the XO trombone, and while I still like it a lot, I'm having doubts about whether I should buy it. There's no question that it's easier to play, but when it comes to the sound it produces it's quite different from my Bach...just "different", not necessarily "better". I need to consider whether this horn would be a step up, or just a step in a different direction.

Friday, normal day. Except I had to kick a homeless person out of our store. He had been in the shop three times, and kept camping out in the corner and playing guitar. Which might have been ok, except that wasn't all he did. He kept interrupting our work with questions about how to play this or that, spent an excessive amount of time in our bathroom, attempted to get us to give him lessons, and made some fairly rude commentary. All that aside even, a retail store is not a place to hang out for hours every day of the week...even if one is not homeless, if you're not going to buy anything, at some point your reasons for being there will be questioned. So on the third day when he showed up again, I finished working with my customer, dialed OP Police on my phone in advance, and confronted him. He threw a little fit, but when I held up the phone with the police already dialed he literally ran out of the store. It makes me sad and frustrated to have to do that. But I'm not a psychologist, and this isn't a charity. He was a fairly young guy who should have had much in life to look forward to, and probably deserved better than what he was dealt.

After work I did not practice because I needed to do laundry.

Saturday was a short day. Eric and I were the only ones in the store again, and we only had two transactions. I made a tuba/euphonium collage and that was the big excitement.

After work I tried to go to a U-Haul to get estimates on a moving van, but unfortunately the "U-Haul dealerships" in my neighborhood are actually just car dealerships with a few trailers out back. I'll have to do a bit more research and find a real dealership within a reasonable distance. Back home, I ate dinner and booked flights from Florida to KC, and from Orlando to Atlanta.

Why, you ask?
Because I've been preparing to move to Florida.

I haven't said much about it because I wanted to wait and see if anything would change. But now we're nearing the end of September, and if I'm going to really do this I can't stall any more. At the end of October I'm taking an audition for an orchestra in Florida...which I will not win, but as a musician I'm supposed to try, right? And I figure I can also move some of my furniture to a storage space near Jameson that same weekend, hence the U-Haul. Then I'll fly back to Kansas City. And then, probably in mid-November, I'll move. It would be nice to have a job lined up by then, but so far nothing has popped up. It may seem stupid to move without a job at the other end. Maybe it is. But if I'm losing money at my current job, staying put is also no better. At least if I'm going to have to work long hours at multiple jobs again, I can do it where there's someone to look forward to at the end of the day. I don't know what the right decision is. There doesn't seem to be a clear solution or a clear path.

Anyway, on Sunday I cooked some pork chops. I had planned to pack a little, but without boxes (and with stores that sell The Best Moving Boxes closed on Sunday) I decided against it. Instead I looked for jobs. Again. Like I've been doing for two months without result. Just keep swimming...

Later in the evening I had rehearsal with Midwest Winds. This time I was a little more confident in my playing, but still amazed and kinda annoyed at all the adjustments I'm having to make because I've forgotten how to play in an ensemble. Oh well. It's a lot of fun and a great experience.

After that I came home and had dinner, and made tea and tried to think about anything but work, because all I've been dreaming about lately is running out of rental instruments and haggling over tubas and searching for missing things.


Sep. 28th, 2017 12:47 am (UTC)
Re: Audition and boxes
Lol. Yes, When I can afford to go to auditions, I do :) Technically I can't afford this, but can't afford not to try either. I have to assume I won't win it every time, otherwise I will be disappointed every time :P

Sadly we've thrown out most of the horn boxes that came with the rentals this year. It's a very small store so we don't really have anywhere to keep large boxes. I have some great tupperware storage bins that I bought while on the road, but will still need some basic cardboard for dishes and such. Thanks for the suggestions! Hope things are good with you.