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Boring, do not read.

Back to work!

My poor boss is coughing and hacking up a storm. He wants to take Saturday off, but I suggested maybe another (earlier) day as well, thinking some rest mid-week might help him get through the rest of the week. Human beings can only do so much you know. It was reasonably busy in the store, actually nicely busy, just enough to make the time go a little faster.

Tonight was the first night it really felt like fall. As we locked up the store, we noticed the chill in the air and the slight breeze. It felt wonderful. I have also noticed the hummingbirds getting more aggressive around the feeder, and that the food seems to be disappearing more quickly. I think they must be preparing for migration. At home, I opened the screen door, letting the chilly breeze flow through the living room. It felt so good.

Wednesday was a pretty busy work day, with lots of rentals coming in. By the time it was all said and done we needed to restock on instruments and some supplies. Kristy says that we've got about two more weeks of "rental season" before things start to go back to "normal". After work I took my trombone case for the Williams over to a luggage repair shop. All of the latches are broken, and I'm hoping they can be replaced or repaired so I can continue using the original case (which is really cool-looking).

Thursday I got up early to practice. It went ok...not great. I wish I had more time, like two hours back to back, for tromboning. But that would mean either getting up at 5am or staying up two hours later, and right now that's not really an option. Work was less busy, so I had time to get some instruments tagged, order some things for the store, and price some items. After work I went straight home, messed around online, and worried about my boyfriend, who seems to be right in this hurricane's path.

Friday was surprisingly slow at the store. I managed to list some step-up instruments, and even clean a little. After work I ran some errands, then went home and fell asleep early. I hadn't slept well the night before, worrying about this and that. There is a lot going on, which I may get into later if it's not too personal.

Saturday, my boss was out going to a K-state game with BAC founder Mike Corrigan. From their photos it looked like they were having fun. I had expected it to be super busy at the store, but to my surprise I spent most of the day fielding phone calls about rentals instead of actually renting. I probably helped with 3-4 over-the-phone and online rentals. The day was short. Afterward I went grocery shopping, then came home to do a little cooking and cleaning.

Sunday, I did not help at the nature center. I suspect that my time to volunteer there is over. This week I got a call from a local community group that rehearses on Sundays, and they'd like me to join. I said yes, so that will be my Sunday activity from now on. Flashback trombonist Jeff is also going to let me sub in for him a few more times, so between these musical activities, work, and working toward getting back to where Jameson is, my time will be pretty much spoken for. That's a good thing. I've honestly been kind of depressed, and if I'm busy I won't be moping around.

Right now Jameson has lost power, so I'm not reaching out to him. I've been through a hurricane myself, and know what it's like to have to ration your use of electronics. There are many circus people in Florida, some of whom chose to evacuate and others who are riding it out. I hope everyone gets through it ok.