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Time Crunch

Well this week, time really got away from me.

We started extended rental season hours. In order to make time for the gym, I started going in the morning. And in order to make time to practice, I started staying later at night. So it's been a looooooong week.

It felt productive though. My boss spent almost the entire week at the factory, where everyone is making a big push to get through the final instrument repairs of the season. At the store, I was able to get caught up on things that I'd been neglecting, like putting instruments into our database, tagging them physically in the store, and listing them online for sale. My boss had bought us some book dividers, so I've printed labels for those and put them out. Plus I've been gradually doing general cleaning and inventory. The store is looking pretty good for rental season.

On Wednesday, it was fairly busy with customers coming and going. As I was working with a trombonist, taking his instrument in for repair and just talking shop, I heard someone starting to play trumpet in the other room. No surprise there, it's a music store. But after a bit I realized that they were playing Entry of the Gladiators. I thought, "Oh, ha-ha, circus music. How ironic," and kept working. And then as I finished I heard the opening lines of the "Circus Xtreme" actual show music...my eyes must have popped out of my head!

I ran into the other room. It was Bill! Our trumpet player for the last two-or-so years on the circus. His girlfriend's family lives nearby, and they were passing through on a visit and decided to stop in. I was so glad they did! We spent some time catching up. Bill's doing well, although he and I both agreed that since most shows are touring without brass these days it's hard to find work. Bill is a really strong jazz player and is thinking of his options around Kansas City. I promised that if he moves here, I'll send connections his way. Anyway it was an awesome visit, totally made my day! Thanks Bill and Elizabeth!!

The rest of the week was straightforward. on Friday I had planned to practice, but ended up going home instead. I was just too tired, and there was so much to do that had been neglected while I practiced during the week. Laundry, cleaning, cooking, groceries, etc. I did as much of that as possible on Friday night. I have no life.

Saturday, I was at work for four hours. It was raining very hard, and it was a slow day. I made it my goal to inventory all of the slatwall accessories, and got 3/4 of the way finished, but as always more customers show up five minutes before closing than throughout the day altogether. Why is that? Anyway I helped the folks that came in, then went home. Again, I had wanted to practice but there was just too much else to do.

There was a little emotional turmoil this week as well, though maybe it's too personal and I shouldn't be mentioning it. Oh well. Jameson and I had a long talk, about what we're doing, our relationship, how we'll get back together. At this point Jameson is well settled into his new job. He enjoys it, and is getting more work (and $) coming his way as a result. He's also got gigs on the side. In other words, everything is in place...except me.

We talked about the future and what needed to be done, and by the end of the conversation I think we were much more determined to see each other again soon. The funny thing was, the whole conversation was carried out via text. I have to say, you know you've got something special when you can convey complex feelings via text without anyone getting offended or giving the wrong impression. But anyway, I was glad to talk about us, get some things cleared up, and know that we're both working toward seeing each other again!

On Sunday I had volunteer time at the Nature Center. Before heading in, I nervously practiced making the falconer's knot. I seem to get it right only 50% of the time, and was trying to figure out why. 3D concepts have never been my strong suit. Finally I got to the point where I could make one 75% of the time. Yay.

(this picture is from work...because I was practicing it at work during lunch...)

When I arrived at the center, I was dismayed to see a giant pile of dirty laundry. The washer had broken. That's a serious problem for a place like this, that needs clean towels at all times. All of the volunteers were in the "baby room"...there are tons of baby squirrels and such right now, and they all need to be fed and checked on frequently. I decided to grab some laundry and wash it at my apartment complex.  You guys have NO idea how much bleach it takes to get all the gross stuff off of these towels.

While doing laundry I noticed this luna moth sitting in the driveway. Isn't he beautiful?

I moved him to a safe place.

After dropping the clean towels off, I went back to the apartment to clean up, because there was a trombone concert locally! I was invited by local trombonist Dave Cooper, who used to play for Carson & Barnes circus back when that was a hot gig. Slick, the trumpet player that I got to work with for several years at Ringling, used to play with C&B as well, so we had a mutual friend. The concert was excellent, especially considering it had been "thrown together" as Dave described it. There were probably twenty or so trombonists, and they sounded great in the church where the concert was held.

Afterward I stuck around to thank Dave and meet some local trombonists, then headed home. For some reason I just feel like I can't get anything done lately...not sure if it's the new work hours, or what. I cooked some turkey meat, ate lunch, typed this post up, then did some cleaning. Then I had to do a little research for an upcoming project, and then I spent some time freaking out about my gig on Wednesday. I am so nervous. I am kicking myself for not going to one of the band's shows, especially since I won't get to rehearse. I just hope these are patient people and that I don't ruin the gig for them.