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Houston Week 2

It's been a good, busy work week here in Houston.
It looks like the weather is going to continue to be uncooperative while we're here; either it's pouring rain or its 100 degrees out, haha.

It's ok though...there's still lots to do!

Because it's been so incredibly hot out, I've been walking around inside Reliant Stadium. I haven't found anything to confirm it, but we've estimated that one 'lap' inside the stadium is about 1/2 mile.

I took several pictures. The coolest shot I got was this one, right where the curtain divides the stadium. You can see where the animals are housed, and also where we play!

So the arena's pretty cool. This week has also been a good opportunity to learn more about my workplace. Did you know the circus has it's own pastor? Well, sort of...Christian mass is held on Saturdays between the 2nd and 3rd shows. It's usually just a bunch of chairs and a table set up behind some pipe and drape, or in a dressing room.

When we're away from the train, the Pie Car follows us in the form of Pie Car Jr., a concessions stand that serves everything the larger train car diner would have.

I try not to 'eat out' too much, but on busy weeks I'll get a chicken salad :)

For those who like awesome machines, check out this Harlan tractor! These are what we use to move set pieces, animal cages, etc. They're ultra-tough and way cool-looking, don't you think?

I've learned quite a bit more slang lately too.
"Cooking the car": If someone reports bedbugs in their car, personal belongings are removed, the car is sealed, then heated to 120 degrees to kill the bugs. One of our cars received this treatment this week:

"Overland": This refers to travel done between venues, but not on the train. Like if we are taking two days to move from Houston to Dallas, some people may choose to make the trip by flying or driving instead of on the train. This is "traveling overland"

"Cherry pie": This is a side job, usually taken by performers to supplement income.

All of these vernaculars can be found in 'circus lingo' lists online. But you probably haven't heard this one:

"Coconut soup": When an elephant's gotta go, it'll go...even in the middle of a show! When the poop hits the floor, the floor crew runs out and pours sawdust over it to help absorb the liquid. Hence...coconut soup!


Today and tomorrow are days off, my last chance to get downtown before we move on to Dallas. Today I'm going to relax, get groceries, all that good stuff. Tomorrow I'm FINALLY going to the natural science museum!!!

I'm still doing the 'local bread' thing :)

This time it was a loaf of Challah from Revival Market.

The bread itself was from a bakery called Slow Dough Bread Co.
It was a regular-looking loaf, not the traditional braid, and it was delicious. So delicious that I seriously considered taking another 3-mile walk to get some more!

It was sweet and eggy, like a croissant but not as oily or flaky. The crust was really chewy, I liked that, and it went really well with egg white omelettes (not surprising as it's got a LOT of egg yolks baked in!). Supposedly it makes fantastic french toast too.

I don't think I've had challah before, and am glad I got to try it!