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Work, Rick and Morty Fandom

This week was a week.

Our hourse changed from 10-6 to 10-5 after Memorial Day, so I started coming in at 9 to get a full day. Now that I have a key and an alarm code I can be the one to get the store ready for the day. One day this week...I think it was Wednesday?...I was at the store by myself until late afternoon. It was a little strange! But I got a lot done and met some awesome customers.

This weekend is the ITG Conference, and B.A.C. Music Center has a booth there. I don't get to go this time, but I did try to list a lot of our trumpets for sale this week in case interest is generated.

Other than that, it was a "normal" week. I worked every day on listing things for sale, returning rentals and renting things out, filing, cleaning, and all that retail goodness.

Saturday was a beautiful day, but pretty hot and humid as well. I had been planning to take another hike in the woods, but found out that the Rickmobile would be in town! I'm a big fan of Rick and Morty, so this was a must-do! I was a little bit surprised at how long the line was when I arrived an hour early...

I got into the queue, which was about 2-3 blocks long. Within the next 30 minutes that was doubled. By the time the Rickmobile opened for business, the line had to have been eight blocks long or more.

This cop came to our corner and I thought he was going to enforce order or whatever, instead since we weren't in need of enforcement he started taking photos and selfies with this giant line.

While waiting in line, I got to talking with the people around me. Had a nice conversation with a woman named Lauren in front of me, and we exchanged numbers for later hangs. I regailed everyone with Tales From the Circus, that killed a nice chunk of time for us. Members of the Rickmobile staff also came by to offer us consolation stickers (we found out after getting in line that our chances of actually getting merch were slim, as there were about 400 people ahead of us in the queue) and to sing us some Rick and Morty songs.

By around 2:30pm we were getting closer to the Rickmobile, and there was still merch left. In all honesty, I don't usually go in for buying crap like this, especially when I can get most of it on Amazon. But even with the heat and all the waiting in line, this was fun. It was more for the experience. I got to meet some people who have similar interests. I'm definitely not as big a fan as most of these folks were, but I do enjoy the show and can appreciate why so many chose to wait in line just to be able to tell their friends that they had. Finally it was my turn to approach the Rickmobile.

At this point, most of what I wanted was gone. I had hoped to get a hoodie, and maybe an "aluminum retro spaceship", whatever that was (didn't even see it??) but by the time I got up there those things were gone. Instead, I ended up with a set of socks and a meeseeks pop vinyl. I'm sending one item to Brian (circus musician, guitar), who is the only other person I know who is into this show. Anyway, for me, the experience was worth more than the stuff. I had fun :)

Back home, I took some time to cool off (it was hot out!). Then I drove out to Jazz Louisiana Kitchen, on an invitation from Andre McClain, former Red Unit Ringmaster. I was very happy to see a familiar face! And also got to meet many of Andre's family members, including his grandmother, daughter and son, his wife Dani (who I already knew from the circus, she was a dancer), and his adorable newborn daughter, who was nestled into a carrier next to me.

We enjoyed gumbo, crawfish, chicken wings, and other Cajun treats. And of course drinks. I was surprised to see the pineapple upside-down cake cocktail on the menu! It was good, but too much grenadine for my preference. Still I think Slick would have been proud :)

After a few hours of hanging out it was time to take the kids home, so we parted ways.

Sunday, I spent the morning cooking food for the week. I made the same fish recipe as last week, and thawed some chicken sausages, and boiled some eggs. That should do it. Then I decided to check out my apartment complex gym, since I'd finally been given an entry code. It was ok...the elliptical worked and that's mainly what I'd be using there. But I was a bit disappointed with the strength training station, it was missing a bunch of attachments and only had one peg for the weights, so that only one person could use the entire station at a time. I'm debating whether to go online and just buy my own weight peg/attachments. In any case I still had a good workout. I took it easy since it's been a while.

My plan, now that the music store closes at 5, is to stay late and practice, and then hit the gym. Maybe not every day, but sometimes will be good. After exercising, I ate lunch and then did a little thrifting for more dishes. I want to have enough so that I can just run the dishwasher once per week rather than hand-washing and wasting water. I found this really neat bowl and brought it home. Does anyone know whose signature this is? Anyway, I like the bowl.

So, that was my weekend. I was supposed to go to an outdoor concert by the Overland Park Civic Band, my coworker and friend Kristy is playing in it. But it was raining all afternoon, and I had a pretty bad headache, so I decided to be a bad friend and skip it. And the only reason I decided that is because they've got another concert next weekend! I'm definitely going to that one!!!

Next weekend is going to be busy actually! Kristy and I are doing an instrument petting zoo on Saturday, and on Sunday I'm going to begin training to be a volunteer at a nature center near my apartment complex.