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Houston Week 1

This post is kind of a mish-mash in no particular order. That's just the kind of week it's been :)

It is raining like crazy here in Houston. There are flash flood warnings all week.

Hope I can jump that giant puddle when it's time to catch the bus! lol.

Because it's been raining so much, this week was spent mostly running errands near the train between torrential downpours. Next week I'm hoping to hit some museums, and explore downtown.

Houston is big and spread out--there are several downtown areas--but still, It's very nice to be in a city that has conveniences within walking distance. I didn't realize how many things I've been holding off on buying until I went to Target yesterday. WalMart has most of what i need, but on the market runs I usually only get groceries since there's a time limit. It felt good to take my time shopping for something besides food :)

There's also a Fiesta very close to the venue. Have you ever been to one? They have lots of international foods. I got a dragon fruit to try. It's a very pretty fruit, but tasted like water with seeds! The texture is a lot like that of a kiwi. I've cut it up and put it in the freezer, to be made into a slush later :D

Oh, speaking of the venue, we're playing Reliant Stadium...it's HUGE.

On the right is the performance area. The other half is where the animals are living while we're here. Feld brought in two dumptrucks worth of sand for the elephants. They REALLY like it...there was lots of trumpeting, rolling around and sand flinging on the first day!Elephants

Last night I went out with the band for pretty much the first time (it only took three months for me to get social...goodness!) Brett and Brian told lots of hilarious stories about circuses past, inside jokes gone wrong, etc. Jerome and Jameson and I talked about our music school experiences. Good music, good friends, good drinks...a good time was had :)

This week I also got my circus nickname (everyone in the circus gets one). So now I'm 'Taz'. It's an ironic nickname, because I'm absolutely nothing like Taz :P

Well, that's all I've got for this week so far. Today I'm taking care of some non-circus business, and hitching a ride to Ikea with Cindy (teacher) to look for some lighting and enjoy some swedish meatballs :)