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"How's Circus Life Treating You?"

Lately I've been blogging about the cities we've visited, and not so much about the circus and the job.

The job itself is really the same from city to city...same show, different time/place. So there's just not much to add!

I can tell you that, three months in, I still very much enjoy being a part of the circus. The things I love most are:

~ Having my own space, to decorate as I please!!
(shameless plug: I love my new stained glass window clings!)

~ Exploring America, and experiencing new cultures, people, and customs in every city;
~ That moment when the train first begins to move out on a Sunday night or Monday morning...it's still exciting!
~ Working with a VERY eclectic and talented group of people!

The things that could be better:

~ I'd like to see my family!!!!!!! (next year, this will be less of an issue. Must...be...patient!)
~ I kinda miss my car.
~ Living on a train can be kind of like living in a dorm sometimes...
~ Internet is sometimes scarce.

I haven't got much to complain about, huh!

So, the show goes on from city to city with little change. We've had to make a few adjustments recently because some people are out injured, and some people have returned after healing. One of the strongmen fractured a vertebrae in his neck and may be out for the rest of the season :/ An acrobat from the Negrey troupe has returned after having to sit out due to injury earlier this year. Consequently the strongman act was shortened and the Negrey's was lengthened. We also have a new animal trainer from the Gold Unit, and a new clown in the Alley.
"People come and go so quickly here!"

What else can I tell you, to give you a 'day-in-the-life' glimpse of the circus?

I'll bet you're wondering, "If you don't have cars, how do you buy groceries and other neccessities?" Well, let me tell you about the market runs!

Every week the company bus makes two or three "market runs", a/k/a trips to the grocery store. Usually it's a WalMart, sometimes it's a Kroger's or Giant depending on where we are. The market run time is either on the weekly schedule or the bus driver lets us know when he's going. The drivers try to accommodate as many groups of people as possible in as few trips as possible. For example, Tuesday's market run took place at 9pm to accommodate everyone who had to help with load in ("load in" = bringing in equipment and animals, and preparing the arena for the week).

This week lots of people needed groceries! It was standing room only on the bus, plus everyone's food once we were done shopping. It's not unusual for crowding to happen, because 300 people + 2-3 market runs + 1 bus = 100 to 150 people per trip if everyone needs to buy stuff. It can be frustrating, and noisy, and sometimes your groceries can be damaged if you're not careful. But if you are patient and positive and make the best of it, it's usually a good group outing.

If there's a grocery store within walking distance, market runs are less likely to be crowded. One could always call a cab too, but that can get expensive.

The bus drops us off at the grocery, and we're given 1-2 hours to do our shopping. Everyone must be back on the bus within that time frame. It's important to take checkout into account...especially since there are going to be like 100 people trying to check out at once!

A day in the life :)