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This week was a little more busy.

I spent some time in my parents' basement digging through my boxes of things in storage. My Dad's trying to refinish the basement this year, and it'll help if I can consolidate everything so it'll be easy to move when that space needs to be cleared. I managed to set aside a large box of things to go to the local thrift store. I didn't get rid of many books though! They're hard to part with.

On Tuesday Jean came to pick Mom and I up for a trip to Muffin Man for breakfast. They've got great quiche, and great muffins of course! Jean got a gigantic egg sandwich (I took note of it for next time ;) ). Afterward we decided to do a little shopping. There's a neighborhood holiday party on Sunday, and there will be a white elephant exchange, so we needed gifts for that. I didn't find anything that I liked, but did find the perfect boxes for holding trombone leadpipes! When we got home I cut up some memory foam and lined the boxes with it. Hopefully this will protect the leadpipes so that they're no longer rolling around inside the trombone cases. It's not the prettiest craft project but I think it'll work.

That night we went to a Thai restaurant called Siam in a neighboring town. We were there to celebrate Kate's birthday! The food was delicious. I got green curry, it was spicy and delicious.

After our wonderful meal we drove to Kate's house so she could unwrap presents. Kayle gave her these fancy sunglasses. Very Cali!

On Wednesday I was able to get a rental car to run some errands. I took my basement things to the thrift store, did a little shopping, then met my friend Shannon for lunch. Shannon and I used to work at a local movie theater together. She was a really great projectionist...she could thread a projector in under three minutes! A few months before starting college she'd taught me everything she knew about running the projectors. Of course now everything's digital, but we still like to reflect on how awesome that job was. I used to do everything at that theater...ushering, concessions, box office, projection, even custodial work. Sometimes I miss it, but both of us agreed that we don't miss the pay!

I went to Shannon's house to pay a visit to her partner and her pets. Everyone seems to be doing well! Hopefully I'll get to swing by again soon.

On Thursday I had to return the rental car, then helped Mom bake the leftover cookie dough. She's having a game day tomorrow with her friends, so she spent some time preparing food and cleaning. I helped here and there, and also worked on some of my writing projects.

On Friday Mom had some friends over to play games. I played too, the went to help Jean load her cat in the car for a trip to the vet. That night my parents took me to Ipanema Grille, a Brazilian steakhouse, as an early birthday gift. Though I've been to a steakhouse before, I wasn't brave enough to try rodizio-style dining! Basically it's a buffet featuring different kinds of meat. Servers come out with meats on a skewer and cut slices for you to sample. The slices look small, but it ends up being a LOT of food! It also includes a buffet of sides such as rice, beans, fried bananas, and cucumber salad. I also tried the national drink of Brasil, the caipirinha. It's sweet and tart, and was a nice counter to all of the meat!

Everything was delicious! My favorites were the lamb seasoned with rosemary, the beef roast, and the filet mignon (who doesn't like filet mignon!). It was a wonderful meal and a fun experience. Thanks Mom and Dad!

On top of a great meal with my family, my parents also gifted me an Otamatone and a set of "musician's dice"! I am spoiled! Hope everyone in the band is ready for me to play the Otamatone in the next show :P

Saturday was pretty busy for me in a good way. I spent the morning with a friend from high school whom I haven't seen in at least five years! We used to play trombone together in high school and also went to band festivals together. We hung out at some local coffee shops and got caught up. I got to meet his wife, who is due for a baby in March! Later in the day he took me to our band director's house for a surprise visit. I haven't seen her in over a decade! It was great to see the look of surprise on her face!

I spent the evening with my sister Kate. We relaxed together, ate snacks, and watched a movie. It was really nice :)

On Sunday we went to church, then there was a neighborhood party at a nearby restaurant. I got to meet some neighbors and participate in a gift exchange. Pretty fun!

I have one more day left in PA, then it's time to fly to Orlando to being work again. This break has been great, I've really enjoyed the time with family. I'm also happy to get back to work! See you in sunny Florida!

Other stuff:

I've enjoyed my time at home with these two cuties <3


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Jan. 9th, 2017 12:45 am (UTC)
Circus Xtreme - Home for the Holidays Part 3
Dear Megan, as always wonderful to see you having a wonderful life and especially sharing it with us so we can live vicariously ... LOL!
Always wishing you the best and look forward to your return to the circus. Have fun, be well.
Jan. 9th, 2017 10:11 pm (UTC)
If you ever come across the book, "I love you honey, but the season is over", I think you will enjoy reading it.

Jan. 10th, 2017 02:01 am (UTC)
Will do!
Jan. 16th, 2017 04:31 pm (UTC)
Great kitty photos and great to see they are getting along. That orange one is going to be fluffy!

I'm glad that you enjoyed your holidays as well, the way that they're meant to be enjoyed.
Jan. 16th, 2017 09:11 pm (UTC)
Heck yes!
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