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San Antonio, TX + GIANT Cinnamon Roll!!

It's been a great week in San Antonio!

The arena is HUGE. All of the animals are housed inside it, and we're only using half of the stage space! But everyone says the Houston arena is even bigger. Supposedly there's a shuttle to take you to different seating sections! I wonder if people are pulling my leg...

The train took waaaaay too long to get here...the driving time was 6 hours, and it took us 36!!!! I don't have any idea why. When we finally pulled in, Jason and Cindy (teacher) and I walked to the nearest grocery to restock. That was about all we had time for that day.

The next day was the 4th, and we had a show at 4pm so there wasn't really time to explore. After the show I went back to the train with Jerome (bass) and Tom (keys) and we watched fireworks. Texas is so flat, we got to see five different sets going off at the same time! It was way cool :)

Throughout the rest of the week, I visited all the tourist-y spots. The Alamo:

See the line? It was very crowded, probably because it was a holiday weekend. I didn't get to see the shrine because the wait was too long :/ The Alamo is smack in the middle of downtown San Antonio, surrounded by modern buildings. It's a strange contrast, but the building is well preserved and obviously attracts a lot of attention!

After that I wandered off the beaten path a little and found an antique shop. Sometimes I think you can learn more about an area from antique shops and thrift stores than from museums, haha. There were lots of Native American artifacts, "cowboy" memorabilia, clothing, and signage.

This shop had 3 floors. I wandered up to the 3rd floor, and no kidding, in the very last room on the very top floor I found a 1975 Ringling Bros. souvenir program!! How different the circus was back then.

Later on in the week I got to stroll down the Riverfront. There are lots of little shops and cafes, and lots of trendy chains like Rainforest Cafe and Haagen Dazs. It was nice to just walk along the river and see the sights :)

Over the weekend Brett (bandmaster) and his family, and Jameson (keys) and I paid a visit to Lulu's Bakery and Cafe to check out the GIANT 3lb CINNAMON ROLL!!

This was Jameson's. Brett and I got rolls to go, to share later.

We had a light show week, so there was plenty of time for exploring and relaxing. Today we had one 3pm show. Loadout is expected to be quick, so we should be out of San Antonio by 5am if all goes well, and in Houston by 3pm if we can stick to the schedule.