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Monday was Jameson's birthday!!
Unfortunately we found ourselves in Youngstown!!

But still, we were able to have some fun! We found a very nice restaurant close to our hotel. Jameson enjoyed a savory steak topped with his favorite, blue cheese (eew!). While we were eating, music from our preshow began playing in the background. I was dismayed...Jameson danced!

After our meal we went bowling. I am horrible at bowling but enjoy it all the same. We played five frames. Jameson beat me every time!

There was an arcade in the alley as well, we played a few games and won enough tickets for some disguises. It was a fun night!

(photo courtesy Jameson)

The next day we found the train. This is a Norfolk Southern yard that is unfortunately far from anything interesting. As we pulled in we were stopped several times by circus folks asking how to get out of the yard and whether there was anything around to do. A lot of people have gone on mini-vacations since we have so many dark days in a row. Others are packing up, preparing to leave the circus after two years with the tour. It is common for people to end their employment after a year or two, and as we were all expecting this tour to end right about now, it's no surprise to see that some are bowing out.

Thus began a week of dark days.

On Tuesday after unpacking at the train, Jameson and I hit the gym and then the grocery. I spent the rest of the day cooking and working on some writing projects.

On Wednesday we went to the gym again. Back at the train I thoroughly cleaned my room, gathered some items to take to the thrift store, and spent a great deal of time typing a transcript for some friends involved in animal welfare. I watched some Game of Thrones (just now catching up on Season Six. Hodor! OMG!!) and ate way too many chocolate chips.

On Thursday we decided to take a break from the gym. I borrowed Jameson's car to take my things to the thrift store. Watched Kung Fu Panda 3. Worked on my transcript.

On Friday we went to the gym, then stopped at a grocery for a few items forgotten on the last trip. I packed my bags for the upcoming break, which for me will involve a Thanksgiving in presumably cold Chicago and a second week in Florida. When the six pack hits there will be little enough time to think about what to bring. I worked on various projects, and wondered at some schedule changes happening on the Ringling website. Every time I think I have figured out what's going on, something changes again. Ah well, what can a person do!

Saturday was a busy day. We don't normally just launch into six shows without one or two shows leading up to it. But hey, that's circus. First thing's first, a very serious professional meeting. This is serious business y'all!

After the meeting and a quick sound check, it was already time for preshow. The band's dressing room was up in the suites, along with many other performers. We were lucky to get an actual room; most had pipe-and-drape rooms assembled in the hallway.

I enjoyed watching preshow from the suites. One weird thing about this year is that because the show's not coming to an end, people are leaving when it's convenient rather than on the "last day". I know that many members of the Mongolian troupe are leaving soon, and most of our clowns as well. Because it's so difficult to keep track of who's leaving when this year, I won't get to say goodbye to everyone :( But I am enjoying watching these last few preshows where we're all together :)

The three shows went well on Saturday, and we had pretty good crowds. As we arrived back at the train yard that night, the temperature had dropped and it had started to flurry. By the time we woke up on Sunday morning, there were several inches of snow. This was a pretty big surprise seeing as how it had been around 70F all week!

(photo courtesy Judah W.)

Jameson and I loaded up the car and locked our rooms for the last time until December. We'll see our house again in Nashville.

Our first show went well. It continued to flurry. Some people took advantage of our first real snowfall to make some art!

Because we have three shows today, I'm having to post this between the second and third shows. Tonight and tomorrow many circus people will be traveling to visit family and friends, and to just take a nice break from life on the road. Some will stay with the train and make sure it gets to Nashville safely. And others are leaving on new adventures :)

Looks like Lindsey (clown) was able to pie several of those who are leaving us today!

(photo courtesy Lindsey M.)

Jameson and I are driving to Chicago to spend Thanksgiving with his parents. From there we'll go to Florida to do some work on Jameson's apartment and wait for the train to arrive. To anyone whom I didn't get to wish "see you down the road" before we scattered to the winds: It's been a pleasure working with you :) We'll meet again!!

Other stuff:

Nikki (train crew) took these photos in the morning. A thick fog was resting on the train and the nearby river. Eerie and cool.

Looks like Skelly got caught out in the snow and hypothermia has set in. Oh dear! :P

(photo courtesy Nikki R.)

Veranica on the Blue Unit demonstrates her ability to do anything :)

(photo courtesy Н. Номин)

Thanks for a good weekend Youngstown. See you in a few weeks Circus Xtreme.


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Nov. 21st, 2016 07:16 am (UTC)
Circus Xtreme Youngstown
Kewl! Even in a quiet week life with the circus seems very full and interesting. Hope you enjoy your time off and have a Happy Thanksgiving.
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