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Monday ended up a little busier than expected. I got up early to take my two trombones to Eric Edwards for repairs. His shop is a ways outside Dallas, but he's a top-notch repair tech so it was worth the drive! His workshop is in his garage. I love seeing all the awesome tools that brass techs use to fix instruments!

Brett's (my boss's) trombone needed a good cleaning and some cosmetic work. Trombones are supposed to be soaked in a bathtub and then cleaned, but as you can imagine I don't have access to many bathtubs :P It's been four years since this trombone had a good wash...I probably waited too long. My trombone just had a leaky tuning slide, which is a pretty straightforward fix.

While Mr. Edwards was working on the repairs, I got a lot done. I mailed FedEx and USPS packages, got a protective cover for my phone, ate lunch, took Jameson's car to the wash, and went grocery shopping. By the time I got back Mr. Edwards was almost done, so I hung around in his kitchen and sent a few emails from my phone. Here he is test-playing Brett's horn.

Soon enough the repairs were complete! I was amazed at how great Brett's trombone looked, clean and with many dents and dings removed. The slide had been regulated as well, and the leadpipe had been fitted with a new grip, making it easier to remove (so maybe I won't damage it again!). My trombone was already in pretty good shape, but now it's in excellent shape! I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts! Thank you Eric for fixing up these two awesome horns!

I got back to the train around dinnertime and returned the car to Jameson.
On Tuesday we got up early to go to the gym, and brought Lindsey (clown) along! She recently got a Planet Fitness membership. I guess it's currently pretty popular with circus folks! After our workout it was back to the train for laundry and cooking.

I'm going to skim through the rest of this week, because it was a series of one-show days and not much happened. It was over 100F every day, so I didn't feel like going out. I did a lot of indoor stuff, chores, movies...boring things. The shows went well and were surprisingly well attended for weekdays.

During the week there was a shoe drive PR event, an attempt at hitting a world shoe collection record while taking donations for a good cause. Unfortunately we fell short of the world record, but still managed to gather the most single-day donations in the history of the charity. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated!

It was also time for the clowns to make their annual contract renewal decisions: who will stay, who will go, and who will transfer to the Blue Unit. As it turns out, more than half Clown Alley will be leaving us after this year :( Everyone in our Alley is fantastic, I'm going to be very sad to see them go.

Saturday and Sunday were both three show days, with Sunday's shows beginning at 10:30am for some reason. Honestly we all just plowed through this six pack weekend. I got nothin'!

I'm really, REALLY looking forward to Ft. Worth and a little break next week.

Other stuff:

Here are the Blue Unit band's new outfits! They look like space captains! I'm jealous!!!

(photo courtesy Melissa Y.)

Pretty train photo from Nikki R.