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The overland to Dallas was pretty uneventful. After arriving a day before the train, we put in our hour at the gym. Then to reward ourselves for our efforts, we went to Blues Burgers!

It's a small restaurant in a shopping plaza, offering burgers and sandwiches along with local sodas (the website says Oak Cliff but the brand we saw in the restaurant was Dublin). We enjoyed cherry and orange sodas with a queso appetizer, then our amazing food arrived...Jameson got the True Blue (angus beef, blue cheese, house slaw, caramelized onions on locally-baked bun), and I had the Yardbird (fried chicken breast, pepperjack, mango chutney, caramelized onions, lettuce & tomato, garlic aioli on a grilled ciabatta bun). So dang good!!

The food was super fresh and delicious. I'd highly recommend Blues Burgers to anyone visiting Dallas!

After our awesome meal we went to the hotel expecting to chill out. Our plans were thwarted when some of the equipment in the mechanical room (which was right next to our room) began making an insanely loud banging noise. There was no way we were gonna get any sleep, so we asked for a different room, but there were none. So we ended up packing up around midnight and moving to a different hotel down the street (don't worry, we were refunded).

After a good night's sleep we woke up, had a nice breakfast at a nearby diner, and found the train. This yard is under an overpass and next to a small, rundown neighborhood. The yard is extremely active, with trains going by at almost all hours and honking their horns loudly as they cross the street under the overpass. I'm grateful for my earplugs!

Opening day was good, good crowds, good show. I like this arena :)

(photo courtesy Lindsey A.M.M.)

Thursday was a split. After the morning show Jameson stayed at the arena to work on his keyboard (it's got a broken part) while I got back to the train for laundry and a nap. Both shows went well. For the second show I stuck around to watch the opening act as I'd heard it would include the goats (which up until now haven't done anything but travel with us). The act is performed by Veronika, with help from her husband Alex and son Richard. This family has worked with animals for generations. I'm always amazed at how she interacts with her animals; they respond to her every cue almost instantly. The goats are not quite trained yet, and so their job this morning was to stand on some platforms and later turn in a circle. Perhaps later they can learn more things :)

Friday was much the same. After the first show, back to the train for some chores and some rest. And the evening show was well-attended.

Saturday, three shows. It was just a normal day, and this has really been just a normal work week. Some weeks are like that :) I didn't go into the animal area this Saturday. There's no animal open house here because the animals are backstage, meaning guests cannot access them safely (or without seeing us running around out of costume lol). I always feel a little intrusive when taking photos of the non-public animal spaces. But hey, maybe next week.

Sunday, two shows and nothing to report. After the second show Jameson and I went to the gym, then back to the train to kick off a nice two day break! Tomorrow I'm taking my precious Minick trombones for some minor repairs, otherwise I've got no plans. How exciting!

Other stuff:

Many people don't know that Feld Entertainment is supporting the Elephant Transit Home, a facility in Sri Lanka to rescue ill or injured elephants and rehabilitate them for return to the wild. A portion of ticket proceeds goes toward this organization, which was recently able to renovate its veterinary facilities thanks to donations from Feld.

One of our incredible aerialists warming up backstage. Owwww looks painful to me but she doesn't seem bothered!

I've played about 1600 shows give or take, and almost all of those have had at least one cannon shot in them! So I'm very used to the pyro. But the audience isn't! I love to watch everyone react!

On the way to our dressing room there's this picture of Asia on the wall. I miss Asia. <3