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Before leaving Louisiana Jameson and I got to eat lunch at a Blue Dog Cafe! We both had shrimp, his was fried and mine was grilled. Absolutely delicious. We are both wondering what that white sauce was for the shrimp. It tasted like nothing else I've ever had and was very good!

The train was supposed to arrive around 3am so we got another hotel in Houston. After a nice dinner we went to see Secret Life of Pets. It's a very cute movie! Definitely for a younger crowd, but there are some moments in there for the adults too. And the evil villain is a cute bunny rabbit whose viewpoint parallels that of another real-life evil bunny :P Funny stuff!

The next day we got groceries and got to the train. Jameson is still reeling from the bad news he got last week and was looking forward to having some alone time, however his car needs servicing and the best times to take care of that are on these days off. While he was taking care of that, I got to relax at the train for the rest of the day.

Strangely we both had trouble remembering this train yard until we were in it...but once we were here, we both remembered the weird entrance and the bumpy road, under an overpass and across from a church :)

Wednesday was a dark day. After Jameson returned with the car I borrowed it to go get a haircut, then spent some time on Skype with a friend. At some point before the sun went down I went outside to check on my flytraps. One of the "mouths" had caught a massive bug! Good job lil' buddy!!

Opening day was pretty good, though we started the day off with a generator failure and limited power. But train crew stepped up and got us running again. At the building we had a nice rehearsal and whatnot. We are in the massive NRG Stadium here in Houston. Little 4-wheelers and golf carts are all over the place, because if you want to get anywhere in less than 10 minutes that's the only way you're gonna do it.

Friday was a one-show day. The washer on our train car broke partway through the day, and the air conditioning was broken on the bus. When it rains it pours! I just relaxed until showtime. Right before the show I spent a few minutes taking pictures of the tigers. One of the handlers told me that this one's name is Rambo. He's very big! My friend Jessi (a former Ringling vet tech) was surprised to see how big he'd gotten...she said he was just a cub when she started working here!

I think this was Katana (guessing from the coloring and size) sitting strangely and clawing a log.

Tiger with a ball :)

I also got a short video of the goats fighting over a mineral lick. These goats are from the Blue Unit, and I doubt we'll be using them in the show but they'll be hanging out with us for a while anyway!

The show went well.
Saturday, three shows. After the first show I decided to see how high I could get in this ridiculously large arena! The elevator went up to the 7th floor. Let's do it!

It WAS very high up in the rafters, but I wasn't able to reach the seating areas from there, so had to go back down to the 5th floor, walk around the concourse, and climb to the 6th floor through the seats. My efforts were rewarded by an incredible view!

Our animal open house is on the left, and the show area is on the right. This arena is HUGE. To give some perspective, what you see in just the righthand side of this stadium normally fills a 15,000-seat arena.

When my knees started wobbling it was time to climb back down!
The shows went well, we had very good crowds :)

On Sunday we had another three shows. This was our first 6-pack weekend in a while! During one of the breaks I snuck into the animal open house a few minutes before it started. I'd heard that the snakes were now a part of the display and wanted to check them out!

(photo courtesy Jonathan M.)

Sure enough there they were! They have their own plexi box with some bamboo and logs. As I was leaning on the fence and watching two of the snakes moving around, Jonathan (reptile specialist) came by with a third snake and dropped him in with his buddies. He said, "Would you like to come in?"

I couldn't get in there fast enough!!

I found out that the three snakes are Australian carpet pythons. Their names are Charlie, Alfred, and Diva. Charlie and Alfred are both around five years old, while Diva is ten. Diva is very sweet and is quite used to being handled (I have a photo from about a year ago where she curled around my shoe while I was in the production office. At least I think it was her!) This is Alfred on the right trying to escape and Charlie near my shoe.

Alfred trying to climb Jonathan (he succeeded!). I love his coloring because it makes him look soft :)

Charlie's coloring is much brighter. He's so handsome!

Sorry to say I didn't get pics of Diva...I actually took video of all three snakes, but they were all moving around a lot and I was more engaged in touching and watching them than in getting good footage. These are all screenshots from those videos :P Thank you so much Jonathan for letting me enjoy your reptiles! They're beautiful and I can't wait to see them again soon. This really made my day!

Once the animal open house started, I made my way back to the dressing room to get out of the way of guests. On the way I passed Boingo, a guanaco who also came over from the Blue show. He's very photogenic :)

Less than ten minutes into the open house, it was already quite crowded! And more people were pouring in. It's great that so many people want to see the animals! Thanks for coming out Houston!

The shows on Sunday went well. I was happy to get home and get to sleep! We have two more weeks here in Houston :)

Other stuff:

This article by Ringmaster Johnathan Lee Iverson on the Blue Unit got me all excited and motivated for the new show AND the future of the circus! CLICK HERE to read.

HERE is an article by Forbes on the new show. Definitely watch the video!
HERE is an interview with one of the Blue Unit's lighting technicians. She discusses some of the amazing new technology incorporated into Out of this World, including high-resolution projection mapping and spotlight tracking. Amazing stuff!

Here are some clips from the new show. It looks amazing!!

While this circus is preparing for the future, others are not as lucky. This week we got word that both Big Apple Circus and King Cole Circus (formerly Cole Bros. Circus) would be either temporarily or permanently closing. Wherever your paths may lead you circus brothers and sisters, best wishes for a bright future. <3


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