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First I'd like to apologize for an error I've been making in some of my posts and photos. At some point I started saying, with assertiveness and great conviction, that Ringling's animals/facilities are inspected by the FDA. That's wrong! It's the USDA that examines the animals and inspects their living and traveling conditions. I can't believe that no one's corrected me up until now.

Friends, if I ever write something that you think might be incorrect, please correct me! I won't get mad, I promise! I want to be sharing good *correct* information, that is far more important to me than having my pride injured. Sorry for the mistakes...and thank you!

Jameson and I drove overland and stopped partway to CO Springs. The next day we decided to take a little detour to Denver for one of our favorite restaurants...Buckhorn Exchange! (EST 1893!)

We both got the special, which was the bison prime rib with herb butter, house-made chips, and the restaurant's homemade baked beans. SO delicious.

After that we got to the train and settled in.
The next day was a dark day. It was pretty overcast for most of the day. I risked walking to a thrift store about a mile away and shopped around. On the way back I startled this buck who was foraging on the side the highway.

Opening day was pretty normal.
Friday, only one show, so I spent some time in Monument Valley Park next to the train. The last time we were here there were few flowers in bloom. This time there were more than I could photograph!

Friday night's show was also good :)

Saturday, three shows. Once again I walked over to the animal open house, and took a video for a change. Just a video of the tiger area. Again, this isn't behind-the-scenes stuff, anyone with a ticket can see this.

The horses were being downright goofy. They were chasing each other around and nipping at each other. When they finally stood still I got a little video. So cute!

Sunday was...well, a little rough. My thoughts and prayers are with those affected in Orlando (and across the US, because this really affects us all). Hopefully a change is coming soon.

This week was slow and good. We all enjoyed beautiful Colorado. I was surprised at the crowds we had considering that we're revisiting. Thank you Colorado Springs!

And from here we go to Vegas (again). Everyone's excited! I'm sure Jameson and I will have some adventures to share :)

Other stuff:

This is my view of the weekly check presentation that takes place before our show, usually on Fridays. One $10,000 check is for the local children's hospital of whichever city we're in. The other in the same amount is for Dr. Schiffman's cancer research involving elephant DNA. Feld Entertainment is paying around $750,000 to fund Dr. Schiffman's work.

This week the train was parked in a very public place. As a result, many circus people found themselves fielding all kinds of questions about the train, the circus, etc. from anyone who happened to be passing by. One woman even asked to take some wedding photos at the train!

(Photo courtesy Scott T.)

Here in CO there were some awesome dirt ramps for the BMX guys to play with. Nick J. got some great photos of his tricks!