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On Monday we woke late and had lunch in Hartford at a place called City Steam. They had very good burgers and some locally-made sodas. No photos because of poor lighting, sorry. I hope we get to eat there again!

The drive to Trenton was short (but longer than expected thanks to good ol' NYC traffic). The train wasn't due in until 5am, so we got a hotel. As it turned out the train didn't get spotted until almost noon! Wowzers!

Opening day was pretty normal. Air circulation in the arena here is not so great, so the haze was condensed and hanging several feet above the floor.

This caused a slight problem for the high wire troupe during rehearsal. We all had to wait while the climate control was turned on to get some of that haze out.

We had two one-show days in a row. Nothing amazing happened. Crowds were fair. I used the spare time to go to the grocery, do laundry, all the usual stuff.

Friday, a split. I came back to the train to relax as I hadn't slept well the night before. Jameson went to have his car tuned up. It was nice out for once, so I took my flytraps outside to get some nutrition :)

Saturday, three shows. We had pretty lame attendance for the morning show, but this being Trenton and us having been here last year, I guess it's not surprising. We still put on a great show for those who were there! The evening show was well attended :)

Sunday, two shows. After the last show we checked in to our hotel, then found a great dinner at a place called The Vault specializing in brick oven pizza. It's called "the vault" because it's inside a bank building! Jameson got a salad and I decided on a caprese sandwich with some prosciutto. Homemade bread and mozarella, tomatoes, spinach, oil, baslamic, and a little salt and pepper = perfect sandwich! SO GOOD.

Tomorrow we drive to Hershey! We're supposed to be in a different train yard this year, much closer than the old one. I'm excited to check it out! And to get some candy!!!


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Kristen Lutz
May. 24th, 2016 03:20 am (UTC)

I'll be attending the afternoon performance on Sunday! Would be all right if I said hello to you? The last time I went to see the circus in Hershey was about 9 years ago! I'm really looking forward to going!
May. 24th, 2016 03:25 am (UTC)
Of course! I'll send you a pm on fb with some contact info. Just let me know when you're at the arena sometime before the show and I'll come say hi, or if it's after let me know what section and I'll try to come over :)

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