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On Monday night I got to enjoy a homecooked dinner with my Aunt Laura, Uncle Andy, cousins Ava and Calvin, and Aunt Kathy. This branch of my family lives just outside Baltimore, and I rarely get to see them. I got to introduce them to Jameson and get caught up on everyone's doings. Family time is the best :)

The next day we only had one show. I spent the morning doing chores.
The evening show went well.

On Wednesday the Red Unit held one of its last ever elephant walk/brunches in front of Lexington Market. The walk was short, probably about half a mile, and people lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the elephants. In front of the market we met a huge crowd. Hundreds of people had come out to watch the elephants eat. I love hearing people exclaim over the elephants' size, how much they eat, how beautiful they are, etc. It was bittersweet and humbling, being a part of this event. Looking back on all the elephant PRs I've gotten to do, I'm so grateful to have been able to walk alongside these animals. I'm so proud to stand with the elephant handlers as they work with these amazing creatures. These are memories that I will always cherish. It saddens me to think that future generations will never have such an opportunity.

(photo courtesy Chris T.)

(photos courtesy Greg Mullinix)

After the walk I stuck around the building, took a nap, played online. The show that evening was dandy.

On Thursday I had the exciting opportunity to attend a "free roll", a lunch and get-together organized by Baltimore's John Ringling North II "tent" (a circus/clown fan group). They reserved a beautiful little theater and filled it with food and circus memorabilia. It was just amazing!

We enjoyed a delicious pot luck and got to riffle through a ton of old Ringling programs, photos, and news articles. Some historic clown costumes were even brought out for the current Ringling clowns to admire. After our meal we were treated to a magic show performed by Camp GLOW, a local adult ministry. Everyone did a great job, and the performers got a standing ovation!

Before parting ways we were invited to take leftover food back to the train and fill goodie bags with treats and snacks. The generosity of these circus fans was absolutely heartwarming. Thank you Pat, Katie, and everyone else involved in organizing this event for us. We are so grateful for all that you do! And big thanks and a round of applause to the members of Camp GLOW, who worked hard to put on such an amazing show for us!! You guys are awesome!!!

Friday was a split but the first show wasn't until 1pm. We had a great crowd. Then we enjoyed a longer-than-usual break between shows. Jameson and I walked down to the waterfront and enjoyed a late lunch at Shake Shack, then returned to the arena to chill.

Saturday was the usual three shows. It went quickly for me :)
Sunday, HAPPY EASTER!!! The circus kids had their own Easter egg hunt in the morning! LaRena (clown) was the bunny this year! Looks like a lot of fun!

(photo courtesy Jade F.)

After the last show we went to a hotel. Thanks for a great two weeks Baltimore! Next we go to DC, only about an hour away, but who knows how long it'll take the train to get there!

Other stuff:

Um, excuse me sir. Your attire does not meet company standards.

(photo courtesy Steve B.)

Mable wants to show you her Easter bunny! <3

(photo courtesy Adria C.)

A small memento to remind anyone who performs in this arena, that the elephants were here. Goodbye Baltimore.

(photo courtesy Chris K.)

(photo courtesy Bernadette M.)