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Corpus Sightseeing

Today was fun :)

Hung around the train until 2pm, then took the bus to the venue and from there Jason, Jerome and I walked about a mile down to the Harbor Ferry. There's only one bridge connecting North Beach to South Beach here, and there's no walking path, so the only other way across is the shuttle or the ferry.

After a nice 15 minute boat ride, we decided to visit the USS Lexington museum.

The ship was so huge, we only had time to visit the lower decks and the flight deck. The lower decks had crew living quarters, dentist and doctors' offices and operation rooms, repair shops, mess hall, chapel, and lots of other features. Jerome, who has played on a cruise ship before, said that the features of this ship are very much the same and was able to tell us about lots of things like life rafts, living quarters, maintenence, etc. In each area there was showcased memorabilia like purple heart medals, letters and telegrams, items found on deck after kamikaze crashes...it was very cool.

Jason rode a flight simulator, then we went to the flight deck where there are various models of fighter planes on display. Most were older propeller models, but there was an F-14 and we took pictures next to it. It was incredibly windy up there. There was a great view :)

After that we had to head back. The ferry was closed due to the wind, but we caught a shuttle to take us across the bridge. The driver was a funny guy..."Y'all locals? No? Well here in Texas, we do things big. Now if you look out your righthand side, you'll see a fifteen-propeller wind turbine." Of course it was five turbines lined up in a row so from our angle, it looked like one turbine with 15 propellers :D

While driving through downtown Corpus, he told us that a hurricane had destroyed the entire beachfront several years ago. The whole thing was rebuilt; everything two blocks from the oceanfront is now manmade. That's really impressive!

Then he said, "Here's a treat for the kids: Ringling Brothers is in town, and we're going to drive by the back lot where the elephants are. And you can see the tigers and lions too." (When did we get lions? lol) We got off at this stop, and as we were leaving the driver said, "Don't get too close, they'll take yer arm off!", and we answered, "Never do!" and parted ways ;)

Then we killed time watching the tide come in at the front of the venue while waiting for the bus.

All in all, a very enjoyable relaxing day!

Tomorrow we've got sound check and a show. I can't WAIT to hear the show in English again!!!!!