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Monday was a fairly normal day. After the show, Jameson and I drove a few hours to a hotel. Around the time we arrived, the Cubs were finishing up their 9th inning against the St. Louis Cardinals. They won! Jameson and his whole family are avid Cubs fans, so his reaction is hardly surprising! **PROFANITY WARNING**

To celebrate the win (and just to eat because we were starving by that time) we hit the highly-rated Kome Sushi where we shared some specialty rolls and sake :)

The next day we faced a 10 hour drive, so decided to split the drive time between the next two days. At the very least this allowed us to enjoy the hotels we visited along the way. We also arrived in St. Louis early enough to enjoy dinner at the Schlafly Tap Room, a restaurant/brewery only a few blocks from our hotel (and the arena for that matter). Schlafly is Missouri's largest locally owned indepentent brewery, and they put out roughly fifty unique types/flavors of beer. Jameson enjoyed their seasonal pumpkin ale with his steamed west coast mussels.

Not being a beer person, I went for a glass of wine and this fantastic mushroom and spinach lasagna.

For dessert we split a sticky toffee pudding (cue sugar coma) then stumbled back to the hotel to enjoy some tv time and sleep.

The next morning we arrived at the train and unpacked. After lunch Jameson went to a local casino, and I went downtown just to look around. I found a nice city park filled with interesting sculptures (and of course, played Ingress there). The park terminated in Kiener Plaza, from which you can see the plaza's fountain, the Old Courthouse, and the Arch all lined up. The water in the fountain was red to honor the Cardinals, I'm told.

I hit a grocery store and walked part of the way home (bus driver John picked me up on the way, thank you John!), unpacked and chilled.

Opening day was pretty normal. We found out that we'd be getting two of the Gold Unit elephants for next year's shows, that's very cool. We also heard more about Feld Entertainment's participation in cancer research. Not only will the elephants be involved...the company is also donating $10,000 to pediatric facilities across the country for a total donation of 1 million dollars!! Wow!! Makes me very proud to work here :)

(photo courtesy David S.)

We also had some visitors in this city! Hope, a former trombonist, watched the show and came up to our dressing room to say hi. Elliana (former Human Cannon) also dropped by to say hello and share some cupcakes she made! Thank you Ellie! It was great to see these two ladies!

Saturday seemed to come quickly. On one hand it's nice to get to work right away and have a quick week. On the other, it would've been nice to enjoy more time here in St. Louis. The three shows went well, great crowds.

Sunday, two shows. Afterward Jameson and I walked to the train to retrieve our stuff, then drove to a hotel 2 hours out of town. We've got a 6 hour drive to Cleveland, OH tomorrow.

In closing, camels.