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On these particular days off, Jameson and I went our separate ways.
He drove overland to get to Denver in time for a special showing of a Pink Floyd film.
I rode the train because there was supposed to be an animal walk early on Wednesday!

The run out of Salt Lake isn't as pretty as the run going in, but I still got some very nice photos.

We arrived only a bit late on Wednesday, and the walk was pushed to around noon. Or at least that's what was supposed to happen. We animal walk helpers didn't get off the train until around 12:30. Once on the ground we got on a van which took us to the arena. There we waited for about an hour, then drove over to the stocks (only like two blocks away). Then we waited yet another 45 minutes or so as the stocks were spotted. (Note/Reminder that "spotted" means that the train is at a full stop, the brakes are on, and the engine is detached, i.e. the train will not be moving).

Once the stocks were parked the animals were unloaded. The horses came first (three horses and a donkey) followed by the four elephants. Assan, our oldest elephant, was the first off the train.

When everyone was ready we all marched over to the arena. Like I said, it was only a few blocks and it took no time at all!

(photo courtesy Rob L.)

After the walk we waited around for the bus to show up. Then we took the bus to the coaches (the passenger cars) which were still not spotted. We waited on the bus for maybe another half hour, until we saw people jumping off the train (with permission; they desperately needed to start loading in.). At that point we figured it was safe to try and hop on, so we did. The power was out. It was almost 4pm and I hadn't eaten lunch, so I was very tired and cranky. After scarfing down a PB&J I decided to walk to a nearby grocery, hoping that the power would be on by the time I returned. It was :) Jameson arrived somewhere in there, and after catching up we spent the evening relaxing.

Opening day was pretty normal. I had forgotten how much this arena resembles the Cow Palace: it's very old, full of dirt, and poorly ventilated. I felt bad for the audience, it was very stuffy during the show and many people spent the entire two hours fanning themselves with their programs. Despite the discomfort it was a good show and a great crowd :)

Friday was a one-show day. I did nothing special during the free time, just cooked and cleaned. The weather was much cooler and so the evening show was much more enjoyable for everyone. Yessss!

Saturday, three shows. Michael (keyboard) brought us some Voodoo Doughnuts, they were awesome! Crowds were good all day.

(photo courtesy Jameson)

Sunday was a pleasant two shows. Nothing terribly exciting happened, except Rebecca (wardrobe) and I found a mouse and tried to catch him but he was too quick for us.

We're playing Denver for two weeks so we won't have to load out of this arena, but there are some changes being made to the rigging and that means extra work hours for many circus employees. There will be safety meetings on Wednesday and Thursday as well. Still, performers will get three-ish days off! I wonder what we'll find to do in Denver!

Other stuff:

Rebecca has made a new sign for Ladies' Wardrobe! (Old sign on the right, new one on the left)

(photo courtesy Rebecca)

Once in a while our bus driver goes on vacation. When this happens, the company will usually use charter buses to get us to and from the train. This week everyone was surprised when a series of party buses arrived at the train to take us to work. Hmmm. You take what you can get??

(photo courtesy Eryn DC)