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I am so lucky!

Jameson booked us a very fancy hotel in the heart of San Francisco. He got a coupon from Priceline and wanted to use it to make our stay special. We booked a room at the Intercontinental. The young lady at the front desk noticed that we'd only be staying for one night, so she upgraded us to a room on the 30th floor. What a great view!!

After checking in we went looking for dinner. It was Labor Day and many restaurants were closed, so we ended up walking a bit farther than planned. We found probably the only open seafood restaurant and had a nice meal there. Again, a fantastic view.

We returned to our luxurious room and enjoyed the HDTV :)

The next morning we walked over to Honey Honey Cafe & Crepery for breakfast. I had the SBK, a crepe with bananas, strawberries, and kiwi. Yum!

Then we drove to Bakersfield to find the train. It was spotted and the yard was easy to find. It's also only a mile from the arena, a pleasant change from San Fran. But unlike two years ago, it's extremely hot outside this week. I'll probably be taking the bus to work :/

Opening day was normal. We had a "guest drummer" for the rehearsal sound check, our Trainmaster Brett Goertemoeller! In a few days he'll be moving on to another job, and he's always wanted to sit in with the circus band. It was a pleasure playing with him. Thanks Brett and see you down the road!!!

(photo courtesy Eryn C.)

Crowds were better that evening than they've been for quite some time. It felt great to have a good crowd :)

Friday was a one show day. During the afternoon the nursery and school kids put on a play! I ended up not going, but from all accounts it was freaking adorable!!

(photo courtesy Scott T.)

In addition to the play the school held a raffle to raise money for supplies.
I won a program and a light-up bracelet!

On Saturday we had three shows and I got some great stuff in the mail. A custom Ringling poster (of which I can't post photos because one is a present for someone) and my second Japan Crate from Jameson!

Some really weird stuff this time. Those "sweet corn" Pretz tasted freaky...like REAL sweet corn! Then there was the "Full Gurt"...what kind of name is that for candy?!? It was good though. And that thing on the right is toilet candy. That's right. You assemble your own tiny plastic toilet and fill it with a powder mix, then add water and wait for the candy to "overflow".

Yeah. It was certainly interesting!!
It also came with stickers for decoration. I wasn't keen on putting eyeballs on my pink mini candy toilet, so I went with a panda sticker instead. Yaaay!

Before the last show of the day, the school kids came by with cards to thank the band for donating to their raffle. How awesome is that!! I took a picture of all of the cards. Cindy (teacher) also included a card which read, "Nothing says support like a bucket of booze".

Explanation: The item donated to the raffle by the band was a "make-your-own punch party", complete with bottles of rum, Hawaiian Punch, pineapple juice, Solo cups, and a big red bucket to mix it all in :D

(photo courtesy Eryn D.)

Sunday was a pretty normal day. The Star Spangled Banner has been back in the show all week, with Colonel the Friesian horse and trainer Robert Stipka carrying the American flag. It seems to be going well, so maybe we'll be doing it that way for the rest of this tour.

After the last show Jameson and I will drive to LA and spend the night in a hotel. We're going to a Conan O'Brien taping tomorrow!

Other stuff:

A glimpse inside the circus school! CLICK HERE