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Circus Xtreme Anaheim, CA Week 2 - graffiti, dresses, and general craziness

For our second week in Anaheim, of course the train didn't move.
We are in a yard that is fairly safe, but covered in graffiti.

There was a punch party on Sunday night. We enjoyed the infamous bucket-o-punch mixed by the infamous Brett Barlow, and added some graffiti of our own.

(photos courtesy Claudia)

This graffiti is in memory of our trumpet player, Slick. It's supposed to say, "Keep it Funky, Keep it Sexy, Keep it Classy", but a light rain washed some of the words away.

I left the party early to get some rest, because the next day my sister Kayle and I were having adventures!
She picked me up in the morning and we drove to the Aquarium of the Pacific. It's a smaller aquarium but it has a great selection of aquatic life to view. Here is an "egg yolk" jelly, you can see why it'd be called that :)

This shark was bristling with teeth. He seemed to enjoy leering at us tourists. Kayle took the picture.

Tiny little "sand eels". There was a magnifying glass on their tank so you could see them.

For the first half hour or so, I felt bad because we basically went through pointing at various sea life and saying things like, "I've eaten that one before," or "That fish tasted better raw," or "Those have a texture like tuna but richer,", etc etc.


But there were non-fish that were just as wonderful to look at.
We saw a pair of puffins nuzzling each other, for example.

After the aquarium we found Pier 76, a small seafood cafe serving fresh salads and seafood plates. We shared a seared peppered bluefin salad, some shrimp and scallop ceviche, and sweet potato fries :)

The Kayle took me shopping at Whole Foods! I had a gift card from my parents from last Christmas, so enjoyed picking out a few luxury items like avocado honey and cherries (still pricey this late in the summer). She dropped me off at the train where I spent time chilling before bed.

The next day, bridesmaid dress shopping! Our youngest sister Kate is getting married next spring, and we're helping her choose some bridesmaid dresses by trying on several styles and sending her the pics. We liked the dark teal and pale pink dresses best (the cuts).

After that, we met our boys (Jameson and Skylar) at Baci di Firenzo Trattoria, a little Italian place I'd found online. I couldn't've picked a better place if I'd tried!! We were treated to outstanding food and service. The owner himself came out and chatted with us for a bit. I really enjoyed my linguine arrabbiata.

After our meal we went back to the train to give Kayle and Skylar a tour. Their friend Nelson met us there as well, and brought some Japanese treats as a thank you for showing him around. How nice! It was too dark to see much outside, but I tried to show him at least the Pie Car and generator. Then we had a look at Jameson's room and my room. A good time was had :)

Opening day went well. Nothing to report. Thursday was fine as well. Kayle and Skylar and some of their friends came to the evening show, and I got to show them around backstage and also give them an abbreviated tour of the train.

Friday was...special. We woke to the news that our drummer had been in a somewhat self-inflicted accident, and would not be able to play for the weekend. Going into a six pack (two days of three shows per day), this is not good news. We all started contacting everyone we knew to see if we could find a sub. Fortunately Bill knew a guy. Not just any guy...Russ McKinnon! That's right, the drummer from Tower of Power. Needless to say, Friday's shows went quite smoothly. Jerome (bass) played the click cues while Russ played the drum part and Brett gave verbal cues through the microphone. It was different, but it turned out all right. It was a pleasure Russ!!

Fortunately Chris (our drummer) was able to come back the next day and played with us through the weekend.
Nothing especially exciting happened. Jameson and I made plans to visit the San Diego Zoo over the next train run :)

Thanks for a great time Anaheim! San Diego is next!

Other stuff:

The clowns, parkour, BMX, Mongolian troupe, and High Wire made an appearance on The Late Late Show this week. Check it out!

Saturday was Andrew (the camel's) birthday! He is one year old! (the little camel getting his head scratched awww)

Here is a video by Have Trunk Will Travel showing how an ankus, or bullhook, is used WITH LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS. It's very well made and shows why the bullhook is an ideal tool for working with, and building a relationship with, elephants.
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