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After getting Jameson's car all patched up, we continued on our way to Colorado Springs. We booked a hotel just past the CO border, and on the way there encountered a huge severe thunderstorm. Nebraska is so flat and so much of the sky is visible...the size and violence of the storm scared me, but Jameson shrugged and smiled like it was nothing, and we drove on through. We ended up avoiding the worst of it, and I got some pretty awesome pictures too.

Over on the train side of things, some beautiful scenery courtesy Lindsey:

We safely arrived at the next hotel. On Tuesday it was a three hour drive to the train, parked in its usual awesome spot next to Monument Valley Park.

(photos courtesy Tom M. and Lina A.)

Many people were already out sunning and enjoying the fine weather as we drove up. I spent the evening doing chores so that I could enjoy the dark day: laundry, cooking, cleaning, and moving some bedding around (Tom sold me his mattress and I'm giving him my "mattress-sized cushion"). Jameson and I made a Walmart run. A nice normal evening.

The next day was the dark day. Jameson and I shared lunch at Panino's downtown. He got the manicotti, I went for a panino filled with chicken, a variety of veggies, and provalone :)

After that we stopped by a local art place to pick up a digital copy of the artwork for Jameson's new album, Our Story. This is his first full album release, and it will hopefully appear on iTunes next week. I'm amazed by Jameson's musicianship every day and am terribly excited that he's putting himself out there. Way to go my love!!!

For the rest of the day, I enjoyed alternately wandering around the park and updating my blog. These baby geese were so cute! But they gave me the cold shoulder when they realized I had no bread for them :P

And I couldn't help but play a little Ingress while I was at it. This enemy portal was all shielded up, but I have a LOT of weapons.

Opening day was nice. We had an extended rehearsal because this arena has a low ceiling and narrow backstage, so some changes had to be made for the aerial acts and entrances/exits. The altitude also took a little getting used to, as usual. If I pretend I'm playing bass trombone, it feels almost normal :P

(photo courtesy Jameson)

That evening there was a brief hailstorm. I managed to dash out into the fray and grab some pea-sized hailstones.

Friday was pretty slow with only one show. I did some research for our upcoming trip to the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon, and went to the building a bit early to practice. The show went well, good crowd.

Saturday was typical. We had great crowds, especially the last one. I think by the end of the day I was getting used to the altitude :P Michael, our new keyboard player, filled in a lot more today. For the last show Tom got to sit in the audience for the first half and listen.

Sunday was...interesting. During the first show Gemma the Jet landed funny and injured her back. She didn't break anything and is back "home", and hopefully will heal up soon! Then Koji (BMX) got a flat tire during the BMX act. He ran offstage to grab another bike...and the tire promptly exploded!!! Good grief! The second show was far less dramatic ;)

This was Tom's last day with us :/ He's been here for 6.5 years and has performed around 2500 shows. Just wow. During intermission we had a little toast for him.

(photos courtesy Jameson)

Taba (tiger trainer) gave a special shout-out for Tom during his act, and the clowns sent him off with a pie to the face and an awesome signed banner!

(photos courtesy Chris S.)

I've enjoyed working with Tom these past three years, and I'll miss him a lot. But he's off on a new adventure, and that's awesome :) And I'm certain we'll see him down the road!

After the final show Jameson and I drove five hours through the Rockies to reach a hotel in Grand Junction. This drive reminded me of my solo cross country drive five years ago. Only it was too dark to see anything :P Many circus folk are traveling overland to beat the train to Vegas and enjoy Sin City before the work week begins. Viva Las Vegas!!!

Other stuff:

As of right now, over ONE MILLION fans have seen Circus Xtreme!!! Fantastic!!!

Tonka(?) and Mabel enjoying a cool drink.

(photo courtesy Ryan H.)

Benny Ibarra's view from the top of the wheel. #nope


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Jun. 8th, 2015 08:48 am (UTC)
Oh my gosh, that hail! Wow.
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