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Circus Xtreme Trenton, NJ - Ho Hum

**EDIT: Originally I had thought that the caterpillars in this train yard were gypsy moths. I was wrong. They're tent caterpillars, so called for the "tents" they make in the trees. Many thanks to the anonymous commenter who pointed this out! CLICK HERE to read about the differences between the two types of pest.**

It's Trenton, yay!

Or not :P

The train parks in Morrisville PA, in a weird little yard half buried in the woods. The first thing I noticed when we arrived was caterpillars. LOTS of caterpillars. Their nests were in every tree.

Outside the yard there was nothing, just some industrial lots and a stretch of highway. I rode the bus to the arena. There is quite literally nothing to (safely) do within walking distance there either, except for a large Mexican grocery called Food Bazaar. I remembered it fondly from two years ago, and was thrilled to find that it hadn't closed. Along with "standard" American groceries, Food Bazaar carries a lot of brands and produce that are popular in Mexico and other countries. Here we have some eggplants, huge aloe leaves, and...quince or something that resembles it...

They also sell pretty much every cut of meat you can imagine (except eyeballs, I haven't seen those yet). Near the meat section there was a line of white tubs containing various interesting pork and beef parts. They were not refrigerated so I've got to assume they were in brine. Pig snouts! You can see one snout pretty clearly near the bottom.

So...after getting groceries I went home and enjoyed some internet. The blog repair is coming along.

The week was spent doing shows and chilling at the train. I honestly can't think of anything especially exciting or unique that happened here. Some cities are like that.

After the last show on Sunday, Jameson and I ran into Bernadette (elephant handler) outside the arena. We all three play Ingress and we're on the same team, but because our schedules are so different we've never gotten to play together. So we seized the opportunity and claimed a row of enemy portals down the block, linking them together and fielding them. Good work team :)

After that Jameson's dad arrived to pick him up and take him home for a visit (and to retrieve his car before we head west). Bernadette and I caught the bus back to the train.

Next is Hershey PA. I'm from Pennsylvania and Hershey is the closest we ever get to my hometown, so my parents and friends will be coming out to see the show. I'm looking forward to it!!!

Other stuff:

Elephants will often try to smash fruit with their feet to get at the goodness inside. An effective tactic with many fruits, but a disaster with the slippery mango!
Adria (elephant handler): "I gave Mable a mango to see if she would like it...hilarious. No, she doesn't like mangos!"

Our generator car getting an oil refill.


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May. 18th, 2015 09:35 pm (UTC)
gypsy moths?

I started following your journal after you mentioned it in LinkedIn Trombone World. My family has tickets for Hershey as we want to see the elephants one last time. Those aren't gypsy moths, they're tent caterpillars.

May. 19th, 2015 02:03 am (UTC)
Re: gypsy moths?
Darn! Sorry! You are totally right. I have been told that they are gypsy moths since I was a child. AAAAH I'VE BEEN WRONG ALL THIS TIME!!!! XP

Thank you for blowing my mind.

Thank you for reading! Awesome that you'll be coming to the show! Hope you have a great time :)
May. 19th, 2015 04:04 am (UTC)
Oh my gosh. those moth nests are revolting!!
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