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This is the first long train run we've had in a while. The weather was awesome, starting out cold as we left NJ but gradually getting warmer and warmer as we headed south. I didn't get many pictures on the first day, but on the second I woke early and saw the blue light of dawn outside, and decided to play with the GoPro.

We have passed this peninsula several times in the past three years, and every time I try to get a picture the trees are in the way. Fed up with trying to get a good shot, I kept a blurry picture :P

I didn't get many good shots with the GoPro...still not used to it. After breakfast I came back out armed with my usual phone camera. We went under this thing, whatever it is:

There was lots of construction on the track next to us. The machinery was cool to watch.

We passed some Norfolk Southern camp cars, and this gent was waving enthusiastically from the "kitchen".

The weather was nice for the whole run, and we saw many trainspotters, but these guys were the most handsome. My camera thought so ;)

An unintentionally artsy-fartsy shot of some bridge pillars.

The train taking a mountain curve.

On the third day of the run we got held up in Tennessee. We ended up arriving in Huntsville several hours late...but to our surprise, a massive crowd stood in the streets to greet us!!

(photos courtesy AL.com. To see more fantastic photos, CLICK HERE)

As usual LiveJournal is not interested in letting me embed from facebook, so to see a pretty awesome video of the crowd as the train pulls in, CLICK HERE. And turn the volume down because Walter (clown) is screaming his head off :P

As we prepared for the elephant walk, anyone wearing a Ringling shirt was pelted with questions and requests for photos. It was a very pleasant surprise to see such enthusiasm and excitement, and it was amazing that so many people (thousands!) stuck around even though we were hours late. As the walk got underway the crowd followed us on the sidewalks, children screaming with excitement, everyone cheering and smiling as the elephants made their way to the arena. For a lovely video from AL.com, CLICK HERE.

(photos courtesy AL.com)

This was probably one of the best walks I've experienced. After a long, cold, brutal winter in the northeast, this moment thawed us out. Thank you, Huntsville <3

After the walk we still had to wait for the train to be spotted. Around 8:30pm the low end was spotted first but the power was out, so since I was off the train and the weather was nice I decided to walk to Publix. When I returned with my groceries, power had been restored. I unpacked and went to sleep.

Opening day went well...a Murphy's Law sort of "well"! Right off the bat the Ringmaster float broke, so David had to do the rest of the show without it! More troubles followed with some lighting issues and an injured BMX rider, but everyone got through the show alive. Just one of those days!

The next day was a split. We had an enthusiastic morning crowd. After the show I walked back to the train while Jameson went to Publix. After we'd both eaten lunch we decided to take some photos in an abandoned ruin of a building sitting in the middle of the train yard.
Jameson needed some nice shots for use in promotional materials.

I, on the other hand, did not.

The crumbling building provided an opportunity for some interesting shots.

Saturday was a good three show day. We had great crowds! I had hoped to not have to wear UnderArmour under my costume starting this week, but Saturday was cold enough for that AND the space heaters.
C'mon Spring!!!

On Sunday we got word that the train would be moving after the last show. Jameson and I brought our luggage to the arena (we're taking a road trip this week) so that we wouldn't have to worry about it at the end of the day. The shows went well and the weather was much more pleasant. It's been a fun week in Huntsville. I wish we could stay a bit longer!

Next week is another new city: Columbia, SC! Looking forward to a new adventure!

Other stuff:

At some point this week we had an elephant brunch. Nice hats ladies!

(photo courtesy Adria)

Danny steals a ramp and uses it to make this insane trick jump over the Big Spring Park waterway. \m/
These are the crazy, awesome people I work with folks.
(CLICK HERE to view)

We've had a lot of awesome PR events lately. Here's Saturday Night Live's Kyle Mooney interviewing folks at the show in Brooklyn.

Gemma doing a cannon shot for the David Letterman Show while we were in New York!
(to see Ben Stiller get shot out of the cannon, CLICK HERE)

Last but not least, a CircusFit PR under a space shuttle at NASA's Alabama Space Center!

(photo courtesy danridesbikes)


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Dec. 14th, 2016 01:01 pm (UTC)
Circus Xtreme Huntsville, AL - Warm Welcome
Another wonderful episode of life with the circus but also I am a big fan of living on a train. I have many fond memories of when I was young travelling coast to coast on the great trains of the golden age of rail travel. Of course I will be looking forward to the next episode from Columbia, SC as I know South Carolina well having lived in Charleston for a few years. I still have many friends there and always wishing you the very best. Have fun, be well.
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