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Circus Xtreme Newark, NJ - Train Life

On Monday we had a short train run to Newark.
It took a while to get moving...there's a lot of traffic on the rails around here as you can imagine! By the time we were on our way, I was in bed. But Eryn was up, and got some awesome photos of our train passing under the East River and through Penn Station!


The next morning we awoke to find ourselves in Newark. Aah, that fresh NJ air :P

We're in the same yard--the one next to the prison and the airport--but in a different part, so that we won't have to pass through the guardhouse every time we want to get home. I spent the morning enjoying the internet (haven't had good internet for three weeks!!), repairing my blog, and reading up on the "elephant issue" until I became too aggravated to continue that. Then it was time for a Hangout chat with my tax preparer. Then it was time to do several loads of laundry.

Wednesday there was a morning market run to Walmart. Jameson and I went to stock up on a few items. I didn't need much but wanted to get out. The neighborhood next to the train yard is not really safe for strolling around.

When we came back I ate lunch and took a nap, then decided to try my hand at watercolor painting. Back in June Jameson got me a very professional set of watercolor paints, papers and brushes, and I've been shamefully neglecting them. After watching a tutorial in which a guy painted a leaf, I found a photo of a leaf online and got to work.

Ugh. It didn't turn out like I wanted at all. Oh well...I'll try again!

The opening day show went well. We started off with a "reduced" rehearsal...this means we didn't have to run the whole show or be in costume. How nice!

Afterward Jameson and I scooted over to Dinosaur BBQ right next to the building. Tasty as always!

Friday was another lovely one show day. I worked on some internet errands like repairing my blog and making appointments in upcoming cities, and completing a YouVersion Bible study for Lent.


The sun was shining outside, so I decided to experiment some more with my GoPro. Seeing the planes flying overhead, I wanted to try and get a good picture of one zooming by.

It was fun and exhilerating to stand under the planes as they came in to land. Unfortunately the photos didn't really capture how close they were...there's no zoom function on these things as far as I can tell. Another "art" thing to work on. :P

Saturday got off to a late start when around 9:30am a long freight train parked itself across the only entrance to the yard. It was pouring rain. Everyone waited more or less patiently, and around 10:30 the train moved enough for the bus to get by. We got to the arena in time to start the show 15 minutes late.

The rest of the day was pretty typical. We've had some really enthusiastic crowds in Newark this time around. Thanks New Jersey! Sunday was a lovely two show day. It was very windy and as a result the arena was freezing by the time we got to the last show. I just keep reminding myself that we'll be in Alabama in just one more week :)

Next stop, the Izod Center in East Rutherford. You may recall that we're going to be one of the last groups to play here before they tear it down or whatever they plan to do. The train will be parked in Secaucus, so we'll have easy access to the city. But Jameson says there's no internet :/

Other stuff:

Our resident photographer Rome has been at it again. Beautiful shots of the train parked in Newark, and "Bad Charlie", one of our hardest-working crew members.


Applesauce also got some beautiful photos of the Prudential Center with his drone:

Photo from a Friday PR...Siam got to wear a giant Devils jersey!!
(photo courtesy Rebecca)

A crazy person doing a crazy thing.
(photo courtesy Lina)