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Circus Xtreme Orlando, FL - Many Cameras.

As the train moved 80 miles to the Orlando yard, Jameson and I enjoyed some R&R at his apartment. He worked on his album, I worked on trombone excerpts. He played Xbox, I watched anime. We watched Bad Grandpa and Gone Girl. Jameson made pizza rolls and homemade marinara sauce to dip them in. Much needed activities. I brought out the GoPro to learn the settings, and Jameson took a video.

On Tuesday afternoon we dropped a few things off at the now-spotted train, then went for burgers at BB Junction. They serve 100% local, farm-raised beef cooked to perfection and topped with a saliva-inducing array of condiments. I got a wild mushroom/gruyere/truffle aioli/watercress-topped burger with a hard root beer to drink. Not sure what burger Jameson got, but he had it with a pecan beer. Beefalicious!

Wednesday was a dark day for the circus but a work day for the band and sound techs. We spent 7 hours at the building recording the audio for the entire show, going back to fix sections whenever large mistakes were made. For those who have never participated in a recording session, it's pretty stressful. You've got basically one shot to do the best you can. If you happen to make a mistake, guess what! Now it's YOUR FAULT that everyone has to repeat that section. Yeek!

We did our best. It went pretty well! Everyone made mistakes but nothing was repeated to the point of frustration. Partway through the session we had a pizza break :)

Recording is tiring work! (He is lying on the ring curb in the middle of the arena)

Opening day was pretty normal. We did a run through and then the show.
I got to meet some of Jameson's friends!

(photos courtesy haygirlhay81 and rlsiegel)

The next morning we all got up early for a filming session! It's pretty rare for the band to be involved in these. Although none of us were thrilled to be up early, personally I'm really happy that someone thought the band was worth including in this year's commercial!

First everyone got into costume. Then we all sat down and got instructions. We ran a portion of the Finale with a few small changes, using various camera angles. The band didn't have to play; our job was to look energetic and pretend to be playing :D

It took a long time to arrange everyone the way the film crew wanted. Filming involves a lot of waiting. You've got to be patient! Here we have some pooped Mongolians/Australians, a texting Ringmaster, and a Cannon + Clown convo.

...more waiting...

(photos courtesy Brett and Applesauce)

When the shoot was over we went our separate ways. I returned to the train for a nap, then came to the building to practice. Our evening show went well. I was surprised to receive a Christmas package from my siblings. They got me a prism (something that reminds me of our Mom) and best of all there was a copy of Raven's published poetry collection, The Rise and Fall. I'll have to get her to autograph it!

Saturday was a three show day, REALLY great crowds. I'm starting to be able to look up from the music a bit more, and it's nice to see peoples' mouths hanging open, kids jumping up and down, and all that good stuff :D There was a film crew on hand to get footage for the DVD. Always a surprise when you're doing your job and suddenly there's a monstrous lens RIGHT THERE. I don't think they filmed the band but for the portal shots I did feel The Media Eye upon me haha. The cameramen loaded down with gear looked something like this.

Sunday was also typical. There were several ex-Ringling folks in the audience at the last show, cheering us on :) Afterward Jameson returned to his apartment and I opted to take the train run as I've been feeling a bit under the weather. Our opening show in Jacksonville is on Thursday, so we get three days of rest. Plenty of time to recover.

After a quick trip to the grocery with Tom (keyboard), we returned to the train and found ourselves walking behind these four. The kids go to circus nursery together and have just recently met, but are already holding hands. <3 <3 <3

Other stuff:

A beautiful article about religion in the circus. CLICK HERE to read.

A behind-the-scenes video about elephant care.
It's my sincere hope that everyone who watches this video will listen carefully to what Ryan says starting at 1:08. Feld Entertainment owns 60-some elephants, and less than 1/3 of them ever perform in the circus.

Our Parkour guys!

(photo courtesy Anjo)

These ladies are crazy talented and/or just crazy!!

(photo courtesy Mark Riddell)

Gemma mid-flight.

(photo courtesy circusgem)

A backstage mural at the Amway Center.


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Jan. 13th, 2015 02:39 am (UTC)
Wow! I'm flattered! ^_^;

And also horrified because practically all the photos from 2014 are missing :/ Sorry about that. I'm working on fixing it...then deciding whether to buy a premium account on lj or somewhere else so I don't ever have to replace them again!

Oh cool! My bf Jameson used to work for Disney and knows lots of people there!

I hope your friends had a great time at the show!!
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