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Circus Xtreme Winter Quarters Week 4

Well...nothing terribly exciting happened this week!

The Gold Unit loaded out to begin their run of holiday shows.

The building seems very empty without them. Break a leg guys, have a great tour :)

On Wednesday the train moved for the first time since arriving to winter quarters. We've been using a generator car from the Blue Unit, and it had to be removed and replaced with our usual generator. Here's where the generator car normally lives.

For those who don't know, the generator car houses two custom-built 600 kilowat Cummins diesel generators that provide power to the entire 1.5 mile long train. It's very important to maintain them regularly so we don't find ourselves in the middle of nowhere without power or somesuch! And winter quarters is the perfect time to take care of them since we sit still for an entire month!

On the day off Jameson and I went to his apartment to do some annual cleaning. We replaced some lightbulbs, dusted, vacuumed...all the stuff that normal house-dwelling folks do. Then we ate a pizza and watched American Horror Story. An awesome day :)

On Friday the band began participating in show run-throughs in the house. I can't speak for everyone else, but for me it was exciting and nerve-racking to finally join the rest of the circus in the rehearsal process. Run-throughs can feel especially stressful because the directors, designers, and the Felds are sitting in the bleachers watching everything. Everyone is working hard to put together a great new show...hopefully the owners like what they're seeing (and hearing!).

Saturday was another run-through in the house. We felt that it went well :D
On Sunday the cast was running cue to cue, so we only got the house during the lunch break. We had some headshots taken for who-knows-what, then ran through all of our music and went home for dinner.

I can't believe it's already Christmas! We will only have Christmas Day off, but we'll make the most of it :)

Other stuff:

A recent BusinessWeek article about the Feld sisters. CLICK HERE to read.

Circus Xtreme Behind the Scenes: High Wire!

(video courtesy Ringling YouTube)

Santa visits Blackburn Elementary to distribute some gifts, hitching a ride with one of the circus's biggest stars!

(photo courtesy baynews9.com)

Adria got to see some otters on the banks of the "lake" in the Feld complex. Super cute!

(photo courtesy Adria)

One of our handlers, Bernadette, has painted a beautiful watercolor of our elephants <3

(photo courtesy Bernadette)
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