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Day 3 of 4

So far it's been a good train run. We're passing through Monroe, LA now.

Yesterday it rained for a few hours, so didn't spend as much time outside. We also had a VERY long stop to walk the animals, and during that time we weren't allowed off the train :( But it was nice out, so I took a book out on the vestibule and also went to the pie car to grab a homemade fruit parfait :)

I haven't gotten many good pictures either...either I'm not quick enough with the camera or it's too dark by the time we see something particularly awesome. Pardon my french, but it's a damned shame I can't take night photos. Everything looks so different in the dark...more animals come out, and going over bridges is a whole new experience too!

Today I woke up and went onto the vestibule, and was surprised by how different the air smelled and how humid it was. We're definitely in the south!