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Home for a week

I flew home on Monday. The flights were ok, though there was quite a bit of turbulence due to weather. I was lucky to catch an earlier flight for the second leg of my journey, so arrived at the airport "on time" despite both of my flights being delayed. Some of my parents' friends had planned to pick me up, but because it was dark and rainy my Dad left work early to come get me. Thank you Dad!!!

While waiting for him, I played a little Ingress. There are lots of portals in the Philly airport.

I made the fields between gates E and D, and after I left someone else built on those fields at gates C and B :)

Dad and I got home around 9pm. After a much-needed night in a real bed, I woke up late on Tuesday and Mom and I went shopping for "Early Thanksgiving". My sister Kate came over, and together we three prepared some of the food for the next day.

On Wednesday we prepared the turkey. It was 24lbs!! It barely finished cooking in time, but we made it :) Several of my parents' friends came over, along with my Aunt and her S.O. Greg. A good time was had!

On Thursday we just chilled. Mom wasn't feeling good so she rested, and Kate and I learned how to transfer home movies from VHS to DVD. It was fun and weird to see ourselves so little. There were things we remembered and things we'd forgotten. For example, we used to take ballet classes! None of us were any good lol.

On Friday my Mom, Aunt, Kate and I visited Bill's Old Bike Barn. It's very close, yet we've always driven past it without stopping in! This guy has collected vintage bikes and other collectibles for years. It's very much like a well-organized antique store! We enjoyed checking out all of the vehicles.

Creepy hallway of rideable cartoon characters...creeeepyyyy....

A view of the miniature "town" inside this barn. The owners have taken a lot of care to add detail. We explored several "shops" and it was like going back in time!

Lots of car logos.

There were even a few circus posters!

Before leaving, we all signed one wall of the barn reserved for guest signatures :)

After that we enjoyed a meal at Marley's Brewery and Grille, then went home to play Rummikub and "Golf". It was a really enjoyable day. I looked around at my family and was sad that I'd have to return to the train so soon!

On Saturday I ran errands with my parents. We took Dad's car to get an oil change and went to an appointment, and had lunch at a nice restaurant in the Poconos. Then, my parents surprised me with a trip to the Tannersville Outlet Mall to buy new shoes for work!! I picked up THESE and THESE. They're both very comfortable. Thanks Mom and Dad!!!

On Sunday it was time to say goodbye to my hometown and my family once again. My parents graciously drove me to the airport (it's a five hour round-trip drive for them) and I got there in plenty of time to go through security and grab lunch before hopping on the plane. The flight landed ahead of schedule, and Jameson and Jerome were there waiting for me :) We drove about 1.5 hours to the train, which we were able to see from the road. We're parked right next to a prison. Incidentally there was a prison break that afternoon, and the train was on lockdown while police searched for the convict. Exciting start to the work week...

It's so strange to see palm trees and experience 80-degree weather after a week in PA and 20-degree highs. Can't believe we're going to start rehearsals tomorrow!!! I'd like to remind everyone that I won't be able to share many photos until the new show goes live. I also have limited internet this week...but will do my best to post regularly!

Other stuff:

An elephant brunch was held at the new building this week.