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Jameson and I traveled overland from Ohio. After the last show on Sunday we got to a hotel in West Virginia and enjoyed it very much :) The next day we continued our trip to Virginia, where we visited Jameson's parents and the puppies. Everyone is doing well, especially Addison, who is GIGANTIC. I remember when she was just a cute little fluff-puff that you could hold in your arms. And now she could put her paws on my shoulders!!

And let's not forget little Moe!

Shortly after arriving we took the dogs for a walk. There are some pretty intense Halloween decorations in this neighborhood! The undead pig is the creepiest :D

(photo courtesy Jameson)

During our visit we enjoyed Mrs. Boyce's fantastic home cooking, including squash/sweet potato lasagna and juicy homemade beef burgers. While out running errands, we also got to enjoy lunch at True Food Kitchen. This is a chain that specializes in following Dr. Andrew Weil's "anti-inflammatory diet" centered around local ingredients. Having recently opened, the restaurant features a lovely modern interior. It was packed while we were there.

I got the seared spicy tuna wrap with avocado, mint, snow peas, radish, cashews, sesame, and wasabi aioli. The sides were roasted kale and sweet potato hash. It was VERY good!

We had a really nice visit. On Wednesday Jameson's Mom had to go back to work and we had to drive about eight hours through eight states to reach Manchester! It was a long day involving a lot of traffic, but we listened to good music and talked and enjoyed each other's company :) We arrived at the train a little after 9pm. There's internet here! I'm very surprised.

Because the train was late arriving, load in was moved to Thursday and our rehearsal was cancelled. This conveniently left me time to walk to Shaw's for some fresh fruits and veggies. I remember the grocery and the yard from two years ago. The snow plow train is still here, and has a new friend!

This is the yard that has a lot of date nails too. Here's one from 1929, stuck in a rail tie, shiny from the rain.

On Friday I went downtown to get a haircut. Nothing fancy as I'm trying to grow my hair out. On the way I played Ingress and admired the cute shops. This sculpture was an Ingress portal.

So was this mural, hidden in a little alley off the main street.

A local jewelery store was all decked out for our visit :)

The evening show went well. This week for some reason the elephants are doing their opening bit AFTER preshow, so Jameson and I get to watch it from our hiding places in the seats. Jameson made a great slo-mo video of Mabel kicking a beach ball! (CLICK HERE to watch!)

Saturday was a typical three show day. Our sweet donkey is out sick here in Manchester, so they've got two clowns pulling the Emelins' cart around the arena.

Sunday was also typical, two shows, nothing exceptional...except that Baby (one of the elephants closest to the bandstand) thought she saw a treat on the other side of the bandstand wall and dipped her trunk over to try and grab it! Sadly for her, it was just a chalk mark on the ground. But she sure got our attention!!!

After the Sunday shows Jameson and I hoofed it to a Holiday Inn. Tomorrow we're going to spend a day in Salem! ANd on Tuesday, he's taking me to see The Lion King musical!!! I've got the best boyfriend :)

Other stuff:

I don't often get very close to the tigers, but this week they were right next to Pie Car. Here are some of our lovely cats getting ready for Thursday's show.

Some of our train supervisors, crew, porters, chefs. These folks keep the heart of the circus beating.

(photos courtesy Eric)


Oct. 7th, 2014 02:51 am (UTC)
Glad you like :)

I thought their display was really nice!
There's a store in Moline IL that does this for us too. It's really sweet.