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Dayton, OH 2014 - Shopping and shows

The run was only a day long. We arrived only a few hours late.
By the time we were spotted I was dressed and ready to go DO stuff!

I took a bus to the arena (the train is parked in Springfield so it's a 30 minute ride this week) and from there walked to a large shopping plaza across the highway. A few other circus friends were going there too; there's an overpass, but no pedestrian walkway. Sometimes, we've got to make our own way.

We made it safely there and went our separate ways. I needed another pair of black pants and a white shirt for work (pants were lost in some city somewhere, shirt was eaten by washer), so went to TJMaxx and the Kohls. No luck. I tried Plato's Closet and had equally bad luck. Finally caved and went to JC Penny's to buy the same brand I'd had previously. Boring, but it fits :P

After a quick meal in the food court I was pretty beat, so headed over to Walmart but got sidetracked by the 1/2 Price Books in the same plaza. I found a book for Jameson, a book for me, and a documentary on trainhopping. Then I got groceries and returned to the train :)

The next day was a dark day...the first 'real' one we've had in a while. I took my bike out to a park/graveyard. Being surrounded by trees once in a while is nice. When living in one place, the long walks I took in the woods were taken for granted.

Opening day went well. Very small crowd...but we're in a smaller city and it's the end of the tour. Only eight weeks left...wow.

On Friday I came in a bit early with Jameson. He had rehearsal with the Emelins, and while he did that I practiced a bit and did some work online (no internet or phone at the train).

On Saturday there was a sort-of preview of the stuff the clowns and Emelins had rehearsed. Jameson had to be there; I didn't, but tagged along. These new acts are looking great. Can't wait to see them when they're complete!
The portal on Saturday morning. Jameson's setting up on the left.

The clowns rehearsing an act with Irena.

The donkey will still be here next year, and he'll have a new winged friend!

I'd love to share more with you, but new shows are hush-hush :P

Since Saturday was only a two show day(!) Jameson and I went to FYE afterward to check out the bargain bin. We both found a few things...I got "We're Back!"....a little nostalgia for five bucks :)

Sunday was also a two show day. I'm writing this during the break between shows, because after the last show Jameson and I will be traveling overland to visit his parents! Next stop, Manchester NH!

Other Stuff:

Pie Car was serving a "Dutch Oven" sandwich this week. eew.

(photo courtesy Jameson)

This week contained Elephant Appreciation Day! Check out the Center for Elephant Conservation to see cute clips of little Mike running around, getting into trouble!

Some of our horses enjoying a walk :)

(photo courtesy Robert)

This week we celebrate Irina's birthday!! Looks like a GOOD one!!

(photo courtesy Dani)