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4-Day Train Run/Local Breads

Just a quick note!

The train's moving now. Not sure how long I'll have internet, but we'll be moving for four days and I'm sure we'll pass through towns with signal.

I have lots of books and movies to keep me occupied, but will probably spend a great deal of time on the vestibule enjoying the scenery :)

Everyone in the band has chosen to visit family or take short vacations during this time, so I'm more or less alone on the train car. I like the quiet, but will probably be visiting the pie car more often this week to socialize.

I don't know how much we will get to do and see in Mexico, but there's no sense worrying about it. We'll do our job and get on with it :D

If I have internet, I will post more!

Sidenote, I've been picking up locally-baked bread at almost every stop since West Virginia. The Charleston Bakery sourdough was very good; I got it fresh and warm first thing in the morning, and it lasted for about two weeks and was light and good as toast. It started getting very dry near the end, though.
The Albany, NY sourdough was labeled "Local", but turns out it was from Berkshire Mountain Bakery in Massachusetts. Might explain why it went bad in less than a week *frowny face*. It was 'just OK'...very moist and had a strong sour flavor. But because of the moisture, it was not good for toast...because of the strong flavor, it was no good for sandwiches.
The most recent bread from Columbus, OH is from Crumbs Bakery, and it's the best so far. I got the whole wheat, so maybe it's not a fair comparison. Very simple ingredients, but wonderful flavor and texture. Probably won't make good toast because it's kinda dense.

I'm not a breadophile, really! :P