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We actually left on time for this Kansas City run. On Monday morning many people (self included) were astonished to find that we had already made it past Cincinnati. Wow!

I spent the day like I do most train runs: taking advantage of whatever internet is available, and napping and eating. The weather was wonderful...although it was still warm out, there was a nip to the air that says, "Fall is coming!". Didn't get many interesting pics this time, but did snap this one of a Norfolk Southern trailer train. I've heard that these are used by employees working on-site. I want to see what they're like inside!

My train run dinner, boiled eggs and cherry tomatoes on wheat. Lots of pepper and a little salt :)

For maybe the second or third time this whole two year tour, WE ARRIVED EARLY/ON TIME.
Although as usual this doesn't effect me so much, it makes a big difference to all of our crew members who have to load our show into the new arena. Now they will not have to rush. Now maybe they'll have time to get some groceries, do some laundry, or explore downtown. Awesome!!!

I got to do a little exploring myself. Had some tax paperwork to send (AGAIN) to the state of Utah, and while I was there, made some copies of some journals that are dear to me :)

Found this....thingee.........it's got corn on top......(?)

...and of course, played Ingress. Kansas City is full of high-level linked blue portals, so we won't be able to do any 'work' here, just a lot of item restocking. If you don't play Ingress, sorry, I know this means nothing to you ;)

The next day I picked up a rental car. It'll come in handy this week as I have a dental appointment and a hotel stay to enjoy :) It was opening day. Elliana, our former human cannonball, paid us a visit. It was good to see her again :) She made cookies for the band! They were fantastic!

That evening we had an unexpected power outage on the train from 3:30am - 6am. Our hard-working crew was able to fix the problem, but I am a light sleeper and only ended up getting a little rest before having to get up for the dental appointment. It was a pleasant visit with no cavities and free toothbrushes :D While I was doing that, Jameson was helping the clowns and the Emelins present their gags to some head honchos at the arena. From what he's told me, some of next year's acts are looking pretty spectacular!

After all of that, Jameson and I went to the hotel! Last Christmas my sister Kayle gave me the gift of a paid night in a hotel of my choosing, and I chose a Comfort Inn here in Kansas City. I stayed there two years ago as a special treat. This time it was a special treat that I got to share with my special man :) Nothing like a real bed and a real shower!

On Friday morning after a wonderful eight hours of sleep, we checked out and my awesome boyfriend treated me to lunch at Seasons 52. He got a beautifully roasted sea bass(?) with potatoes and broccoli rabe, and I had the mole beef soft tacos. And of course we each had a dessert shot ;)

After that we were both completely full. I was supposed to grab Gemma and go to the City Market, but we were so late getting back from lunch that she couldn't come with me :/ I went by myself, just to revisit and pick up a few special items.

Like last time, I wanted to get a loaf of brioche from Bloom Baking Co. The shelves were depleted as it was a weekday and almost closing time, but there were some loaves left and I nabbed one. Then I stopped at Tikka House for some spices on Tim's recommendation (he'd been there earlier in the week). I got the House spice blend, salt free Lemon Pepper, and Tandoori.

Over the weekend we had the usual number of shows, three on Saturday and two on Sunday. Nothing exciting to report :P Oh wait...I lost my sparkly rainbow hoodie! The one I wear for the Band Gag. I left it in a bathroom, and the cleaning crew either threw it out our picked it up but didn't turn it in. Now I gotta wear a plaid pink number that I brought from home. It looks more 'normal', but I miss the rainbow one! Yeah it was ugly, but it had nostalgia value! :(

(It's true I wore this hoodie almost every day. But when James wore it, he OWNED it ;D)

The big event this week is a film crew that will be following us during the next train run, supposedly to make a "life on the train" video for future employees. The video also contains some instructional footage/dos and don'ts. Some filming was done on Sunday morning for that. The driver in the photo below is demonstrating proper speed in the train yard.

Several train-dwellers volunteered to perform various actions for the footage. I did too, and was scheduled for a session early in the morning. The cameramen popped into my room to record me hiding some cash in a book (Stowing Your Valuables), locking my door (Securing Your Room), and boiling water (How to Cook on the Train). Although it felt kinda silly, it was fun to watch the film crew at work. They had some cool equipment. Afterward I was left with a pot of boiling water so decided not to waste it, cooking up some spaghetti :P

I'm told that these training videos are only updated once every TWENTY YEARS, so my portion of the footage might be used for a long time. I don't know whether to be flattered or horrified.

After the Sunday shows, Jameson and I hit the grocery and did minimal Ingressing. I wasn't feeling well...I suspect eating too much dairy this week was the culprit...so we were back at the train by 9pm. Next we go to Grand Rapids. I think we miss ArtPrize this year :/ but now I'll get to see what else this city has to offer!

Other stuff:

New lighting crew members learning how to dismantle and clean light parts.

(photo courtesy Ryan K.)

Happy Birthday, Chantal :D

(photo courtesy Richard)

Did you know? One of our elephant handlers, Bernadette, is also an excellent watercolor artist!

(photo courtesy Bernadette)


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Sep. 16th, 2014 08:14 am (UTC)
I'm told that these training videos are only updated once every TWENTY YEARS, so my portion of the footage might be used for a long time. I don't know whether to be flattered or horrified. - that's how i'd feel

he is owning that hoodie, sorry you lost it, i've lost a couple of things that way and it sucks.

does traveling a lot help with the game or it doesn't really make a difference?

Sep. 16th, 2014 03:53 pm (UTC)
Yeah. I've lost shoes, a pair of pants, and now the hoodie this year. Not a good year for hanging onto clothing haha.

There are different badges for different actions in Ingress. Most of the badges have to do with the number of times you perform an action, such as hacking a portal (Hacker), linking portals (Connector), or recharging resonators (Recharger).

But some of the badges have to do with things like the number of unique portals you visit/hack (Explorer), or the length of time that you are able to control a portal (Guardian).

For visiting unique portals and earning the Explorer badge, traveling to all these cities is a huge advantage. Few other Ingress players get to see as many unique portals as circus folk!

But for maintaining control of a portal over a long period of time to get the Guardian badge, traveling is actually a disadvantage. To maintain a portal, you have to recharge it daily and defend it from attack. The only way I can do this while traveling is to check on it when there's internet and hope that no one attacks it while I'm not looking at my phone. Charging a portal from a distance also takes twice as much XP (Ingress' equivalent of 'energy') than if you lived in the city where the portal is. And you can't restore the portal's defenses from a distance once it's been attacked.

So for some things it's great, and for other things it sucks :P
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