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The train run was really nice :)
I didn't take all that many pictures...tried to stay off the vestibule this time to help my sinus issues wind down, and I think it might've worked...? But on the first day we had a lovely sunset.

Late on Tuesday we arrived in Cincinnati. Internet signal is pretty strong there, so I was finally able to watch a preview clip from the upcoming season of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire! For those who don't know, my sister Raven is in an episode! She's the youngest contestant that's ever been on the show!!! She appears in the preview at about 00:18.

Yeah, this has nothing to do with circus. I am just so proud of her!!! I don't know how much money she won and it doesn't matter. She got on the show and had a blast. SO AWESOME :D

Anyway, we were pretty much a day late getting into town. Thursday was supposed to be a dark day but ended up being load in. Once again we are parked in the RJ Corman yard. I remember it well because the yard is literally in the parking lot of the building, and it is immaculate...no broken glass or rusty nails here! I was happy to see that the RJ Corman "museum" is complete; two years ago it was just a framework. Now it's a weird building in the middle of a parking lot...but hey, it's the unique things that attract us :)

Jameson and I went to a Kroger that we remembered; the walk was a bit further than I remembered but maybe that's just because it was very hot out. We were dripping by the time we got back to the train!

After a little break we went back out to explore Lexington Cemetery right across the street from our yard. I had wanted to go last time but had opted for the antique/thrift shops near the train. The cemetery is very public, and in addition to its notable burial sites (such as the Henry Clay Monument) it also offers tours as an arboretum. Jameson and I were there to play Ingress (monuments, landscaping, etc are often tagged as gaming areas), but we both took time to enjoy this very beautiful historic site.

A pond surrounded by big old trees and ringed with flowers.

We found two musicians buried in the same plot!

As with many large and historic graveyards, this one has a plot for children. Although it is sad to think about how many little ones are in there, it was a beautiful area and it was comforting to see the graves well-maintained and decorated with flowers and toys.

There were many very old headstones, some dated as early as the late 1700s(!).

The Henry Clay Monument, visible above the treetops.

The next day we had rehearsal and a show, both of which went well. We had a great audience. Afterward Jameson was called in to help the Emelins with some sound effects and triggering for next year's acts. He's also doing similar work for the clowns. Busy guy, that one :)

Saturday was a typical three show day. The fire alarm went off during the morning show but was quickly silenced :P
And Sunday was a two show day. Amazingly the weather was fantastic, probably a full twenty degrees cooler than it had been when we arrived. Cool breezes, football, Halloween candy at the grocery...fall is coming!!!

After the shows we took a short walk downtown to play Ingress. Jameson is very close to becoming a Level 7 (I leveled up in the graveyard) and although we couldn't get him quite enough points here he should be able to level up in Kansas City. I have fond memories of KC and am really looking forward to exploring it again!

But!! Rumor has it that we might be SUPER late getting there! Will we make it in time for our Wednesday night show?? "Don't count on it"!              ;)

Other stuff:

Disney on Ice Frozen premiered this week.
A review from Freeline Media,
A "first look" video from People Magazine,
and a more in-depth review from the Orlando Sentinel.

Our Human Cannonball, Gemma Kirby, had an interview with the Lexington Herald!

My boss got to drive a Formula 1 car for his birthday. Doesn't he look spiff!

(photo courtesy Theresa)

Stock cars loading out on Sunday night as a policeman looks on (he was smoking a pipe. SO hip.)


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Sep. 9th, 2014 05:12 am (UTC)
I will be back, but for now here is the plant that was all over that teepee you posted about previously:

Sep. 9th, 2014 04:22 pm (UTC)
Wow thanks! How did you figure it out?
Sep. 9th, 2014 09:25 pm (UTC)
little bit of botany knowledge from my time in the park + google :)
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