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Dallas 2014 Week 1 - Worky work

Somewhere along the route between Houston and Dallas, car 38 must have picked up a poltergeist.
We woke up on Monday to find only a trickle of water coming out of the pipes. By the end of the day it was gone. The next day we had no water until after 1pm, at which point Eric (porter) was able to take a look at our pump. Thanks Eric :)

As soon as water was restored, our hallway power outage alarm started beeping for absolutely no reason. Annoying as anything, but not half as bad as going without water for two days!
Although I'm kinda glad we didn't end up in a hotel, it's also times like this that make me realize the reason I'll leave the road in the future won't be because of the job itself.


We are in a different yard here in Dallas. We are right next to some kind of gravel-shoveling operation, so there's a lot of whiteish dust flying around. It looks like a typical yard, nothing exciting :P We are nowhere near the light rail or anything of interest. Fortunately the arena is right downtown, so we'll all be getting our kicks there.

On opening night the wheel act was out due to a broken part, so we played Emergency music while the clowns did a Walkaround. I hate playing emergency music because it brings up scary thoughts, but a planned emergency is way better than a real one! That night Jameson had to stay late to help the clowns rehearse their gags for next year. On Thursday they'll audition in front of the Felds to get their gags approved for the new show. They also find out this week whether they get to stay on for 2015. All of our clowns are wonderful people and hard workers. No matter what the outcomes, I hope they all realize how awesome they are!!

Thursday and Friday were split show days. For the morning show, KCT performed in place of the Wheel act and we altered the music accordingly. It's nice to play something different. After the show Jameson went to perform for the clowns' auditions. I had a hair appointment at Matthew Tully's. Brannon, the stylist, couldn't change my cut much as the last person to cut it had left the top layer too short. But he did clean it up very nicely. I can already tell he did a great job because he didn't wash it, blow dry it or style it, but it's laying well without all of that. Thanks Brannon!

After that, a quick trip to a grocery down the road. I could have skipped the trip but since the weather was good, thought to pick up some fresh produce before it gets hot next week. Upon returning to the arena, discovered that the last bus from the train was SUPER late. Some people didn't get to the arena until 10 minutes before showtime. And the Felds were in the audience. Yeeeeeek.

The rest of the weekend was work work work. On Friday I used the split break to return to the train, cook, and take a much-needed nap. The clowns had their auditions, and ALL of them will be staying with us!!! Awesome!!! Except for Oscar, who will be taking some time off from clowning to pursue other things.
We'll miss you Oscar!

(photo courtesy Oscar)

On top of that good news, the Felds approved ALL of the clowns' gags for the new show!!! That's incredible! Congratulations to all of our clowns. You've worked so hard...you deserve it!!!!

Saturday and Sunday were three show days, one of our last 6-packs of the year. The Wheel act was out all week, so we got to play the KCT Double Dutch music for every show. Fun! Sunday was Bennett's (Brett's son) birthday! The Barlows brought a watermelon cake to share with us. NOM!

On Sunday I walked with Jameson to the bank after the last show. We've started playing this game called Ingress, it's pretty fun! You have to walk around to various landmarks, which are 'portals', and either hack the portals for items or protect them against the opposing team. You can also link portals together. On the way to the bank we hacked about five portals and upgraded some of their defenses together. In some ways we might end up being really good at this game as we travel to so many notable locations. On the other hand, with over 150,000 people playing at this point, I feel like we're latecomers and might be a bit behind!

I'm sorry for the lack of photos this week. Everyone was just working so hard, I don't think anyone made time for random photos! Maybe next week :)