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A Month in Mexico

We had a meeting on the trip to Mexico yesterday.

So, it looks like we'll be there for about a month, from May 15 through June 15 give or take a few days. During that time, my phone will be off, so don't try to call me :)

The tickets for these shows were sold to an outside company, so if you were thinking of flying down to see me, don't :P There will be no family/friends discounts or freebies.

I will not be allowed to leave the train alone, or even with a group of girls...I'll have to bring a guy(s). Laaaame.

It's unclear whether we'll need pesos or not, but tomorrow I'm going to try calling the nearest PNC to see if they can do a currency exchange for a small amount. At the very least I can then avoid an astronomical charge at the venue's ATM.

We're not allowed to bring any plants, produce, or weapons. My fish is a subject of debate, but worst case scenario I may give him to the person who's holding our plants in Loredo.

We're also not sure about exactly which foods will be allowed across the border. According to Google, frozen foods are ok, so I'm crossing my fingers that my frozen veggies will pass. I guess it all depends on the mood of our border crossing agent.

There will be security on and off the train, both Feld's and a hired company.

Not sure if we'll have internet at the venue, but I know in Monterrey I should be able to find some so I'll check in then at the very least.

That's all I can think of for now. Gotta go make a last-minute grocery list!