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Houston, TX 2014 Week 1 - Queeeeeeen

The train run from San Antonio was short. We are in a new yard this year!

As soon as we were spotted I took my bike outside. We're going to be here for three weeks, so I'm looking forward to some rides. I rode it up and down the yard just to remember how to turn and stuffs.


Evidence that the circus has been here in the past:
a bridge across the moat under the overpass so people can reach the grocery ;)


A homeless person has camped out under this pass.

On Tuesday Jameson got us a rental car! We went for lunch at a Mexican joint, then to Target and Fiesta for groceries. Fiesta is pretty awesome. They're like a normal grocery, only with larger-than-normal International Foods sections. You can buy imports from the UK, Germany, India, Mexico, Jamaica, and other awesome places! In addition to the normal foods, I got cactus fruit (also called tuna) and candy coated fennel seeds.

The biggest excitement for me this week was going to my first-ever rock concert!
Jameson and I got floor seats to see Queen + Adam Lambert on Wednesday!
(The price on the ticket isn't what I paid, as I got these through StubHub)

Our seats (yellow circle). Pretty good!

Well, before the concert, we stopped for dinner at Azuma Sushi. I got a "saketini" and the pink lady dragon roll, and Jameson got the key lime martini and a Philadelphia/Peppercorn tuna and salmon combo.

And then we went to see Queen.
Because we had floor seats, we were able to see the gear close up.


The concert was awesome Half of these pics are Jameson's.

After the last number the crowd screamed for an encore. Everyone started lighting up their phones, until it felt like the lights were coming on!

I had a great time. Queen was awesome, Adam has a great voice!
I feel very privileged that I got to see them live!!!

The next day, back to work! We had a nice opening night, great crowd. The setup in the arena is just the same as last time, with the animals living in one half and the show taking place in the other half.

Nothing of especial interest occurred on Friday, except that I picked up a new phone and got to eat fresh papaya for the first time. I was able to visit the same Verizon store where I got my phone two years ago. They were very helpful in suggesting a phone with a decent camera ;) The papaya has been on my "foods to try" list for quite a while. I've had it dried and canned but never fresh, and have never picked one out and prepared it myself. It's a cheap fruit and was also easy to cut and eat. They smell a little funny (like feet) and have a texture almost like jello, and tastes like a cantaloupe with another undefinable flavor. It was pretty good...I'd be willing to buy one again :)

Over the weekend we had a 6-pack. Since the train is not moving, Sunday was a "Slick Sunday", meaning that someone in the band brings in doughnuts (like Slick used to do for us). This week it was Brett, he went to a place called Shipley Donuts. OM NOM NOM

Now we have two whole days off. Well, some of us do. The clowns are working hard to prepare for next year's show, and they'll also be working out their new contracts soon. Don't work too hard y'all!
(photo courtesy Oscar)

Other stuff:

A train crew BBQ at the end of a long workday:

(photo courtesy Joshua)

Our home for the next three weeks.

(photo courtesy Ariel)

One of our young tigers, Hercules, enjoying a meal:

For those who have asked about the Blue Unit's "hair-hanging" ladies, here's what's going down with four of them (CLICK HERE).

Marvel Universe Live premiered this week!
One of the first reviews of the new show. Pros: "impressive projection", Spider-Man's incredible stunts, Falcon's costume. Cons: cheesy "Saturday morning cartoon cornball" dialogue, weird "Muppet-like" Hulk, pacing compared to that of the circus. (CLICK HERE to read review)

This review claims that the new show is "Bigger than the Greatest Show On Earth"! (CLICK HERE)
Another positive review with great pics (CLICK HERE)