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San Antonio 2014

I got some nice pictures leaving New Orleans.

Rollergirlderby took some lovely footage of our train passing back over the huge bridge.

For lunch I made a nice salmon salad (this is significant because it's the first salad I've had since before Mexico).

Crossing Texas was a little boring photo-wise, but I still enjoyed gazing out the window.
We arrived very late, meaning it was unfortunately a "load-and-go" for the crew. No one likes to feel rushed :/
We are also in a different arena this time. Two years ago we played the Alamodome right downtown, a short stroll away from the Riverwalk and the Alamo. This year it's the AT&T Arena, and the surrounding area was not promising :/ Oh well. Can't always be in a convenient spot!

So no sightseeing for me this week. But the 4th of July was on Friday, and we had a company party!
Much like last year, there was a water slide for the kids and a pool for the grown-ups (though I only saw kids getting in haha). There was an open bar with beer and wine, and in addition to the usual hot dogs and hamburgers, Uncle John made some fantastic delicious juicy ribs!! 'Merica!

The food queue:

The ribs, pre-grill:
(photo courtesy Uncle John)

The Man himself, making the magic happen :)

Other great holiday eats from Pie Car:

It was a nice get-together, although it didn't seem to last long; many people left to watch fireworks on the Riverwalk or otherwise take advantage of the holiday evening.

Saturday was a normal 3-show day, and on Sunday we had only one show at 3pm! How nice to finish a show and still have daylight :) I had time to make some plans for Houston, our next stop. We'll be there for three weeks!

Other Stuff:

I took a little extra time this week to wash one of my trombones, as I'd run out of lubricant in Mexico and had to switch to a kind I don't normally use. To go back to my regular slide oil, I had to first wash the other stuff off. Ideally this should be done in a tub. But when do I ever get to see a tub.


This week we say "see you down the road" to Alfie, our Operations Manager, as he heads over to the Blue Unit. TRAITOR!!! I mean, ahem, safe travels, have fuuuun...
(photo courtesy Gabriella)

The Divas getting a bath/drink.
(photo courtesy Bernadette)

And last but not least, Marvel Universe Live premiers in only a week!!!

An exclusive interview with ABC News (CLICK HERE TO WATCH)
The show will premier in Tampa. CLICK HERE to read an article about the show, and see some great pics!
Detailed interviews with some cast members and stunt choreographers. (CLICK HERE TO READ)


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Jul. 7th, 2014 04:36 pm (UTC)
nice pictures
just wanted to say nice pictures been following since last November trying to figure out the route to the palace would be nice to see the lead locomotives lol as you can guess I am a rail fan.lol but when you come to auburn hills. mi and you have time and into car racing I can give a few of you a tour my e mail is svaldez@prattmiller.com thanks for the picutres and enjoy ready about you travels
Jul. 8th, 2014 01:58 am (UTC)
Re: nice pictures

Thanks for reading and glad you like the blog!

I'm not sure of our route to Auburn Hills, I've only done it once myself and at the end of the year we're not paying much attention anyway haha.

What kind of racing?

Thanks again!
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