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New Orleans 2014

Opening night was great if only because we had a great crowd. People cheered and booed and clapped and screamed, kids danced in the aisles. What great reactions! Thanks New Orleans! After the disheartening turnouts in Mexico, we really needed to be reminded that people DO still enjoy the circus!!!

On one of our one-show days, Jameson and I took a walk over to The Ruby Slipper for a late lunch. He had shrimp and grits, I had "eggs cochon", which is like eggs Benedict but with shredded pork in place of Canadian bacon and a biscuit instead of english muffin.

After that we wandered a bit, visiting Peaches Records and just sort of looking around. It was very humid and rainy, so we soon headed back to the arena for a rest.

The next day I took a solo walk to Southern Candymakers for some souvenirs. This candy store hasn't been around for all that long, but they make all of their candy from scratch and by hand, so I had to check it out.
(CLICK HERE for an excellent photo tour by foodographer.net).

I gotta admit I'm not a fan of these candies because they're just way too sweet for me :P but some people will be happy to get some in the mail, I'm sure ;) After this trip I went back to the arena as it was again very humid and rainy. I'm sorry for the lack of tourist-y activities on my part, but it was just no fun to walk around during the day, and just like last time I wasn't all that interested in hitting Bourbon Street at night. Also this is what happens in NOLA when it rains.

The rest of the week was "normal". On Saturday Nicholas Cage came to our last show. He was sitting in the Circus Celebrity seats, wearing a white Panama hat.

We here in the band welcomed a new trumpet player, Andrew Smith! He learned the part so quickly I almost forgot he was new this week haha. He seems like a really great guy and I'm looking forward to performing alongside him!


Well, not to be boring, but that was pretty much my week in NOLA! After the last show I went to Rouses grocery to pick up a few things, then caught the bus back to the train to write this post. Next stop, San Antonio!

Other stuff:

Cast unveiled for Marvel Universe Live! (CLICK HERE TO READ/WATCH)

Kenneth Feld gives a tour of the new facility in Florida.

Nicole Feld gives us a sneak peak at the staging for the new Disney on Ice: Frozen show!

Our Preshow Host Ashley and Animal Specialist Ryan Henning give an up-close look at "the divas".

The facebook page of the Circus and Traveling Show Ministries. Awesome! (CLICK HERE)

View from our dressing room at the Smoothie King Center: