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Mexico City 2014 Week 1

Well, here we are again! The yard:

I found a little shrine near the end of our cut. As I was shamelessly taking photos, a yard worker came up and offered to unlock it for me. He spoke no English but made it clear by gestures. Using small words so that I could understand, he explained in Spanish that the shrine was there because today is a national holiday. I was too shy to actually go inside; as you can see, it's a very small space and I didn't want to dirty the floor.

Walking around the yard, I encountered a few groups of people getting ready to go out and see various sights. I was tempted to tag along, but then I found out that there'd be another run to Wal-Mart so decided to do that instead.

It's just as I remembered it :) I didn't need much, but picked up some favorite candies to share (Bubulubu, Glorias), some stuff for Jameson, and a big jug of water. Oh, and that wash that they sell for cleaning produce.


Actually it's ionized silver, and you can use it to disinfect drinking water as well. I have plenty of water but am feeling paranoid about the train water as it's hooked up to a pipe sticking out of the ground. I'm washing dishes normally but rinsing them with the BacDyn water. That's probably overkill, but better safe than sorry.

The only other interesting thing that happened today was a mouse got into the cubby where I was storing canned goods. A mouse!! I didn't see it--it's probably following the wiring through the train--but opened the cubby to find little turds everywhere and a chunk missing from my bag of rice cakes. He didn't get into anything else, thankfully. I spent a lot of time emptying the space and cleaning it, and relocating everything that's not canned or bottled. Sigh.

The next day Jameson and I walked to the arena to get some pesos and to check out the adjacent market. It's much as I remember it.

Cactus, sliced and whole leaf:

Food vendors cooking:

We got our pesos at the ATM (now featuring instructions in English, sweet!!), but the bills were too large to be used with street vendors.

There is a bank inside the arena and we popped in there to get smaller bills. I tried to speak Spanish and did a mediocre job: "Quisiera cambiar estos pesos, por favor" = "I would like to change these pesos please". The teller kind of raised an eyebrow at me and gave me smaller bills :P

Walking back through the market, we didn't buy much. I needed some dish soap and Jameson got a torta from a place we remembered. I wanted one too, but no...must...resist...for at least the first week!!

We stopped at a convenience store and got Mexican Coke and some junk foods. I found that apple soda that everyone enjoyed last time (called Lift) and tried it; it's very good but nothing special imo! We walked back and I spent some time relaxing, cooking, doing laundry, and watching Game of Thrones.

The next day we had a morning meeting, then a brief PR event in which members of the press viewed a video about elephant conservation and Ringling representatives answered questions about animal care, this year's show, and the recent accident on the Blue Unit.

The 6-story, 22k seat arena complete with 700 meter HDTV.

(photo courtesy rollergirlderby)

Poster from Fully Charged 2012 in the hallway:

If you zoom in, you can see Jameson's SWEET 'stache.

After that we played Opening for them. It took less than 1/2 hour, so many of us walked back to the train for a rest before the evening rehearsal. The rehearsal was in full costume and a run-through of the whole show. It went well, but another rehearsal was scheduled for Wednesday anyway.

Wednesday was opening night, and the show went well. Even the Band Gag, which I had been worried about because we'd be in the audience and none of us are Spanish speakers. We didn't get into any trouble ;) Thursday thru Friday we had ten shows. Crowds were good over the weekend, but still pretty lame overall. Many times guests were relocated to the lower bowl because the arena was so empty. We had been warned that crowds wouldn't be as good this time around :/

As I finish typing this it's Sunday, and all of us are tired and ready for a break. There is a group going to see the pyramids tomorrow, that'll be fun! And on Tues/Weds we only have one show, so I'm excited to do a little souvenir shopping :)

More stuff:

BBQ in the yard.


Goat meat waiting to be butchered at the market.

Chicken for sale.

(photo courtesy lindseymerryfield)


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Jun. 14th, 2014 02:17 pm (UTC)
Why smaller audiences now?

Too bad you guys can't march in the streets with elephants, that always makes such a sight, especially for kids.
Jun. 18th, 2014 01:40 am (UTC)
We think the smaller audiences have to do with how the show is (not) being promoted in Mexico City. It's complicated, but the Felds don't handle the promotion outside the country.

More and more often we find we can't take the elephants out, because people are assholes and either try to hurt them or use them for their propeganda. It's sad.
Jun. 18th, 2014 04:16 am (UTC)
That is sad!
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