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Columbus, OH - "Coolest city in Ohio"

Blue Unit update:
(note: all links used were previously posted on Nicole Feld's twitter,
or obtained from other company sources.)

Here are Nicole Feld's thoughts after visiting with the injured performers. (VIDEO: CLICK HERE)
A statement by the father of one of the performers, an acrobat himself. (ARTICLE: CLICK HERE)
A statement from one of the acrobats who was injured. (VIDEO: CLICK HERE)
Jonathan Lee Iverson (Blue Unit ringmaster)'s account of the incident. (ARTICLE: CLICK HERE)

A letter of thanks from the Felds to the people of Providence, RI. (ARTICLE: CLICK HERE)


The Red Unit had a nice train run to Columbus. We got started a bit late, but at least it wasn't raining!


Cool old engine:

The weather on the second day was great, so I spent a lot of time on the vestibule. We arrived more or less on time. Jameson recognized the yard right away; it took me a little while :P As soon as the train was spotted we hopped off and grabbed some groceries at a Giant Eagle we both remembered.

The next day was sunny and 80-something degrees. I had been planning to take a trip to North Market, which I remembered very fondly from the last time we were here. Instead, I thought it might be a good idea to take advantage of the sun and get a base tan before we hit Mexico.
I took my bike to a nearby park, found a nice spot...


...and got out my blanket and my book. So pale...

Normally I'm not the type to care about whether I'm tan or not. But I last year in Loredo I walked around outside for a half hour with no lotion and was badly burned on my cheeks and shoulders. And this year we haven't had a full day of sun YET. So I thought it best to get a base tan so that I won't combust upon setting foot in the desert. (yeah I know base tans don't work for preventing sunburn. but they do help me to burn less quickly).

After that, my dear Jameson invited me out on a date night! We walked up the hill to Matt the Miller's Tavern. We went there specifically because they had Well's Banana Bread Beer.

Our food porn:

Salmon filet pan seared and served with a soy-honey glaze, coconut edamame rice, and mixed vegetables,
and Pacific rim Ahi tuna served with mashed potatoes, garlic spinach, roasted Asian pear salsa, tamari soy syrup, and wasabi honey.

We split an "Oreo Explosion" for dessert. I love date night <3

The opening show on Thursday went normally. We had a sub on trumpet, Jay, who was really fun to work with. Before the show began, Andre (our ringmaster) made an announcement regarding the Blue Unit accident, thanking the audience and Providence medical personnel for their support and asking them to keep our performers in their thoughts and prayers.

On Friday we only had one show (yay!). I had planned to bike to North Market, but it was raining pretty hard during the afternoon. Instead I chose to go to the arena a bit early and walk to a shopping plaza to take care of some tax documents, and just to look around. Friday night's show went well.

Saturday was the typical three shows. Between the 2nd and 3rd shows the school had a bake sale to raise money for supplies. They were sold out in no time :) We also received a little packet of information regarding what can and cannot be taken into/out of Mexico. I don't remember open condiments and rice being on the list last year??? They can have my peanut butter when they pry it from my cold dead fingers.

Sunday was pretty much the same. Alex drove the donkey cart into the bandstand and put a nice big gouge in it :P Otherwise, the shows were typical. We had to say goodbye to Harden, who has been our main trumpet sub for several weeks :( Now who the heck is going to play trumpet with us???

Next week is Louisville KY, a repeat city (we've already been there with this show). The schedule is light, so I hope to do some last-minute Mexico errands and see a few sights :)

Other stuff:

Congratulations to Rebecca on her promotion to Head of Wardrobe!! Way to go!!!
(photo courtesy Rebecca)

The girls having a shower and a drink at the same time :)
(photo courtesy Ryan)


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Jun. 14th, 2014 11:49 pm (UTC)
How was the beer? Amazing food porn, was that from the same place?

I would smoke so many cigars in Mexico.

That elephant shot is amazing.
Jun. 18th, 2014 01:34 am (UTC)
The beer was ok. I'm not much of a beer person. Jameson seems to like it a lot!

Yes, the food is from the same place.

Elephant photo is by Ryan, an animal specialist with us.
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